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SpeakOut 7/30

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Union supporter

A union is only as good as the support it gets from its members. Like a family or a church, they need support. If you did not support your union, you probably did not enjoy being in it. It's only as strong as its members make it. Your two unions that you dropped out of are probably glad you dropped out because you did not support them. They were there for you but you probably weren't there for them.

In the bag

This is for the person that was asking for the produce bags for the fresh fruit and vegetables. KFVS-12 Does it work Wednesday tried these out and they did not get a good rating. You may not want to spend your money on them.

- - -

I saw in the paper about the person looking for the produce bags. They have them in a wonderful store out at the outlet mall called Kitchen Collections. I was in there the other day and got some. The people that work there are just the nicest people.

News hound

Are you that backlogged that you can't put everybody's speakout in the paper eventually? I've called two or three times and it hasn't appeared yet. If you've got guts enough to put this in, I want to speakout about your paper, the Standard Democrat. I know one thing, I just got done reading the St. Louis Post Dispatch Saturday edition and then I got your Sunday morning paper on Saturday night and I read it. The same thing that you got in there I just read in the St. Louis Saturday Post Dispatch. If that's all you got to do is copy off the St. Louis paper and all the other newspapers around the area, you might as well forget about it. Put that in the paper if you've got the guts and have a good day, losers.

You're exactly right. We're not going to run this.

Giving them down the road

I want to speakout about our county roads and ditches in East Prairie. I think the people in rural East Prairie need to stop paying taxes. They don't mow the ditches or nothing else. Our roads have gone to pot. They repair it, put a little bit of oil on it and what have we got, a hole in the road. They can lay all the county workers off. They don't have the funds to do the work so why pay them? If some of the farmers didn't mow the sides of the road, they wouldn't even get that. Our ditches haven't been mowed in a year. Our road is a mess. Therefore, I think we can protest our taxes. We pay Johnson Grass tax, but when do they spray for Johnson Grass?

They're out

I'd like to know why the American Legion baseball program of the city of Sikeston is not active anymore. I was reading in the paper where they had a baseball team and a tournament for July 21, but I haven't seen anything in the sports page about them lately. Would somebody please address this?

Scott County still has an American Legion team. The story concerning Sikeston's American Legion team ran on the Sports page of the July 16 edition of the Standard Democrat.

Berry buyer

I would like to buy some blackberries. If anyone has some for sale, please put your number in SpeakOut.