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Walter, Kiefer win primaries

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Walter will take on Drury; Kiefer to face McCormick

BENTON -- Scott County Sheriff Rick Walter advanced to November's general election following vote tabulations of Tuesday's primary race.

Walter defeated Bobby Sullivan, 2,894 votes to 1,752 votes, in the race to be the Democrat's candidate for Scott County sheriff. He will face Wes Drury, the sole Republican candidate for sheriff, in the November election. Drury netted 1,446 votes Tuesday.

Donnie Kiefer, 2,457 votes, won the Democratic seat for a chance at second district county commissioner over Shelby "Skip" Steger, 509 votes. In November, Kiefer will face incumbent Ron McCormick, the only Republican on the primary ballot for the position. McCormick received 720 votes.

Nearly 26 percent of Scott County's 25,936 registered voters turned out to the polls Tuesday, according to Scott County Clerk Rita Milam's office.

"I wish the turnout would have been better," Milam said.

For those wanting to vote in the November election, Milam said to make sure their addresses are correct with her office.

Milam noted her office received many phone calls from voters who complained about having to choose which ballot to cast their votes on Tuesday.

"But there was nothing we could do about it," Milam said.

In other county results, Democrat Dennis Ziegenhorn, 1,226 votes, was unopposed on the primary ballot to run for another term as first district county commissioner.

Democrat incumbents Teresa M. Houchin, assessor, 3,823 votes; Pam Dirnberger, public administrator, 3,881 votes; and Scott C. Amick, coroner, 3,949 votes, were all unopposed.

Republican Charles Matthew Huey, 1,334 votes, was also without opposition on his party's ballot for county coroner.

In the Republican race for governor, Kenny Hulshof received 1,684 Scott County votes over Sarah Steelman, 269 votes; Scott Long, 36 votes; and Jennie Lee "Jen" Schwartze Sievers, 10 votes.

Democrat candidates for governor Jeremiah W. "Jay" Nixon nabbed 3,239 votes over his opponent Daniel Carroll who garnered 815 votes.

Republican candidates for lieutenant governor received the following votes: Peter Kinder, 1,763 votes; Paul Douglas Sims, 105 votes; and Arthur Hodge Sr., 60 votes.

Receiving votes in the Democratic race for a chance at the lieutenant governor's seat were: Sam Page, 828 votes; Michael E. Carter, 752 votes; Mary Williams, 709 votes; Richard Charles Tolbert, 604 votes; Becky L. Plattner, 477 votes; and C. Lillian Metzger, 278 votes.

In the Democratic race for state treasurer, the following votes were received: Mark Powell, 2,008; Clint Zweifel, 279; Andria Danine Simckes, 612; and Charles B. Wheeler, 793.

Democrat candidates for attorney general netted the following votes: Chris Koster, 1,530; Jeff Harris, 1,162; Margaret Donnelly, 773; and Molly Williams, 442.

Running unopposed on the Democrat ticket for state positions were: Robin Carnahan, secretary of state, 3,656 votes; Joe Allen, U.S. representative for the Eighth District, 3,413 votes; Linda Sanders, state senator for the 27th District, 3,361 votes; and Steve Hodges, state representative for 161st District, 721 votes.

Sole candidates on the Republican ballot were: Mitchell "Mitch" Hubbard, secretary of state, 1,482 votes; Brad Lager, state treasurer, 1,443 votes; Mike Gibbons, attorney general, 1,466 votes; Jo Ann Emerson, U.S. representative for the Eighth District, 1,827 votes; Jason Glennon Crowell, state senator for 27th District, 1,562 votes; and Ellen Brandom, state representative for the 160th District, 1,353 votes.

Candidates on the Libertarian ticket were also unopposed. Receiving votes were Andrew W. Finkenstadt, governor, 4; Teddy Fleck, lieutenant governor, 4; Wes Upchurch, for secretary of state, 4; and Branden C. McCullough, 5, U.S. representative in the Eighth District.

These results which were provided by the county clerk's office are unofficial.