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Wednesday, Aug. 24, 2016

SpeakOut 8-13

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

How many

Single family zoning. How many people are living at 800 block of East Gladys Street? The city inspectors are not doing their job.

Go green

Solar power, solar power, solar power. Everyone in the government says, Go green, you must go green. Yeah, right - for the rich and famous maybe. But poor middle-class folks can barely buy the dang energy efficient light bulbs. Oh, I beg your pardon. We did get a free light bulb from the electric company. That was after I paid a $280 electric bill. Where does a person go to the so-called free grant to get the solar panels to go green? I have a small house and would love to go all solar or wind powered, but I have limited resources with no way to get a loan at my age. I guess I'll pay the high electric bills and thank God I don't need a doctor. So much for solar power!

Irritating irrigating

I want to talk about the irrigation in rural East Prairie. You cannot drive down any road without getting your vehicle sprayed. It leaves brown spots all over it. They are ruining our roads. Something has to be done about this. I'm sick and tired of it. Besides, it is very dangerous. If a farmer can afford these, they can pay for having the roads fixed. That's the way I think. They could turn the end part around and it wouldn't be spraying on the road. They should do that or pay for the roads or pay more taxes. I am sick and tired of it!

Tell me why

Mr. Jensen, I called several weeks ago to SpeakOut about the remark that was made about Sikeston and Scott County people being poor people. DAEOC was considering us as low people. Why did you not print that in the paper? I don't think I had any foul language in there, and that's something that is a concern. I just wondered why you didn't put it in there.

More on Eight

Mike, I'd like to comment on the deal you had in the paper about Minus 8, Section 8 ruining our town. The person that put that in there is totally right. I would like to know why Sikeston has Section 8 when Cape and other towns don't.

Cape and other towns also have Section 8 properties.

A stand-up kind of guy

I would like to speakout about Mr. McCain. If Mr. McCain doesn't get president, maybe he can get a job as a stand-up comedian. He would be good at it. Maybe he should consider a change right now. But of course, he will learn to read his script. He can't drag it out for a long time like he does in campaigning. People get tired before he makes his point. He doesn't have to change his facial appearance because he already looks dumb and acts like he doesn't know what he's talking about or what just come out of his mouth. Ha, ha!