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Leaving ballgame early has downfall

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

After taking a week off from the column to stomach a Cardinals game against the Dodgers, I'm back to try to intrigue you once again. I must say, even after two rain delays and struggling to contain a 16-month old as he ventured all over Busch Stadium, it was a pleasure to attend a Redbird game for the first time with my future slugger.

It's quite funny, but this has happened to me twice... Twice, I have left a Cardinal game early only to have Albert Pujols "go yard" the following inning. No joke, this is all true. One, I had to leave early because the bullpen was fixing to take over (typically ugly), and two, I was tired of wrestling through the Cardinals Club House store (during rain delays) with my worn-out kid. So, I relished in the 11-inning victory as I pulled into the gas station at Cape Girardeau to top off the tank.

A side note, it was fun seeing Manny Ramirez in Dodger blue. One fan, donned in a hideous Red Sox jersey, was getting a few laughs from Ramirez as he sported a similar do-rag and pretended to whip his dreadlocks around as Manny does when he runs. Ramirez apparently enjoyed the joke as he kept gesturing towards the obsessed fan. At least Manny's not in 'The Nation' anymore.

Second on the agenda, the Brett Favre story is finally over. Thank God. Favre is now with the J-E-T-S, JETS, JETS, JETS. That's more fun to say than read, sorry. It's an inside joke with the other sports guys. It will be interesting to see him face off with the Patriots a few more times. I'm still a fan of No. 4 and honestly have to say I think the Packers dropped the ball on this one. Aaron Rodgers just doesn't have the wow factor in Green Bay green like Favre did. Enjoy the long season Cheese Heads.

How about Michael Phelps? This guy is just amazing. He now holds the record for the most gold medals in U.S. history, and he's got a few more laps to swim in the pool. These Olympic Games have had their ups and downs, but this story has to be front page material. It's time to start having a personalized podium designed for the medal collector.

Congrats to the Squirrels on a fine season and good luck to the Sikeston 13-year-olds as they head to Jamestown, NY. to their World Series.

We'll keep you posted. Until next week, have a good one.