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Friday, Aug. 26, 2016

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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Soap box

I travel each day from the bottom of the Bootheel to the Cape Girardeau area as far as my employment. There are a few things I've noticed over the years that have been disturbing, but the latest thing that I recognized is that in the Sikeston area the MoDOT Administration seen fit to put up highway signs, electrical signs, telling which route to take to go to the rodeo. I don't have a problem with the fact that they are trying to make it easier for the people coming into the city to come to the rodeo. But I do have a problem with the taxpayers' money used to advertise an event. The problem I have with that is that in addition to that there were employees out there erecting those signs and installing them, and then they put the safety barriers around them and then you have a situation with the liability issue. I just wonder who would be held accountable if for some reason somebody plowed through one of those signs and got killed. With that being said, another thing, since I'm on my soapbox, I know now why they put up the mile markers ever tenth of a mile. It's probably to keep a gauge of the number of potholes that we have. I think you'd be hard pressed to drive from the bottom of the Bootheel to the Cape Girardeau area, without encountering at least 3-5 potholes every tenth of a mile. I think also this might be a pretty good sobriety test for the Highway Patrol. If somebody can dodge these potholes, they've got to be sober. These are just a few things I thought I would vent. I'll get off my soapbox. I think the main thing with the advertisement of the rodeo using the taxpayers' dollars, I think that's not in the best interest of our money. And I also think there are probably some other franchises in the city of Sikeston that would like to have that free advertising as well. Somebody has definitely dropped the ball.


I have to ask Kenny Hulshof and Sarah Steelman just what is wrong with being a liberal? This country has just endured 8 years of the most corrupt, dishonest, murderous presidency in our history with the horrifying ruination and destruction of our most interesting major city. Plus the turning of all our other cities and towns into deserted ghettos of empty, deteriorating buildings and despondent people, the closing down of manufacturing, the *&^% of millions of ordinary people by the mortgage and financial bunch, the exploding numbers of homeless people and millions of healthcare deprived, a state policy of torture and illegal imprisonment by civilian police, as well as the military, spying on United States citizens by our own government spy agencies, the closing of hundreds of small colleges, the near-shutting down and degradation of public schools, the right wing conservatives harp on taxes, taxes, knowing that the only taxes that are hurting this country and its people are the taxes that are NOT being paid by the country's wealthy elite and the corporate skirts the elite hide behind. The so-called conservatives have also been responsible for murders committed at the instigation of their hatred spewing spokesmen in the various media. Damn you, you lying cheating conservatives! You're society's poison. We need to be rid of you. Take your disgusting selves and follow your money you've already invested overseas. Leave this country. You are not patriotic citizens.

Don't care

I don't care whether Barack Obama is Muslim, Christian or witch. In fact, I would respect him more if he had no religious affiliation.