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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Speakout 8-22

Friday, August 22, 2008

A great place to live

If Sikeston can just do away with Section 8 (part of the federal HUD program), get an ordinance against saggy pants, have a litter hotline and get rid off the low paying jobs that make Section 8 necessary, it'll be a great place to live!

Traffic director

This is to the young woman who got out of her car and directed traffic off of the Rodeo grounds on Thursday evening after the entertainment was concluded for the evening. There were no Jaycees or police helping move cars when she took it upon herself to do something about the big traffic jam. Thank you again for helping us get home before the night was over. Come on, Jaycees. Let's improve exiting the Rodeo grounds next year.

Read it again

I'm the person who wrote the Minus Eight speakout. I noticed in the Aug. 8 paper there was the Debate on Eight. One of the responders read it, turned it all around and then didn't like what they read. Imagine that? First thing, there was nowhere in my speakout that said that everyone on Section Eight was a loser. At the bottom it said the program needed some honest people to manage the misuse of the program. If you are not misusing the program, then it wasn't talking about you. If is a big word. Go back and read it again, word for word. Try not to turn it around and it will sound much better. I know there are some elderly people, handicapped people, some young people that truly need help. My ad did not say one word about them. That is what the project used to be for, but look at the program today. There is no elderly person in their right mind that would feel safe living there. Just walk down Pin Oak, Watson Street or Thrush some night and you will agree - all government programs are misused. It needs to go back to the way it was 25 years ago, the projects were safe and clean. So was the west end of Ruth and Agnes and those streets in that area. I was raised up in that area, riding my bicycle all over that area and walking to the Quick Sack was no problem at all. All I'm saying is that people that work and made the right choices in life, shouldn't have to live next door to people who didn't. People that go to bed at 9 p.m. to get up at 5 a.m. and go to work shouldn't have to hear the slackers banging around all night so they can sleep all day, while the 9-5 people pay taxes for them to keep them up the next night. Again, the system is badly misused. One other thing, this person said they got off Section Eight by choice. Let me get this right. You woke up one morning and said to yourself, "I'm tired of the taxpayers paying me $300 or $400 a month and this has got to stop. If they pay my rent one more time or put one more check in my mailbox, I'm gonna call the police." Yeah, right!

Thank you for your comments. We need more like it!

Crazy horse

For anyone who keeps horses and has a horse that is difficult for them to control, keep in mind that it has been said all domestic horses are insane. You, the owner, are the one who is forcing this creature into a way of life that is totally against its nature. Unless a horse has miles and miles to run and roam and other horses to live with and form herds with, it is insane. This government wants to cull the wild horses because they are too expensive to keep up. I'll tell you what's too expensive for this country to keep up, it's the business community and the land barons. That's what we need to cull big time all across the country.

Who's the cleanest

Mike, is it just me? KFVS came to Sikeston after the rodeo was over. They were saying it was too loud and they focused on all the trash that was left behind. We in Sikeston support their advertisers and businesses in Cape, yet they can't say anything positive about Sikeston. I feel it was a direct put-down on our community. It was also a slam on people from other states and communities that supported our rodeo. Sure, the trash was ugly, but it's also ugly in Busch Stadium after a ballgame. Maybe they were just saying since they have an indoor rodeo that they were cleaner. Whatever!

Lots of liquor

I would like to speakout against the rodeo. I saw in the paper where the rodeo had their record number of tickets sold. The reason they sold those tickets is because people are supporting the breast cancer, that don't be afraid to wear pink. That's good, but this is supposed to be a family rodeo, but not with the drunks, the alcohol. Maybe next year they should also do the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers at the same time. I will not ever go to the rodeo again with all their drunks.