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SpeakOut 8-27

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Boring beetle

I had a Mountain Ash in my yard that was about 10 years old. In the spring of 2006, it died and upon inspecting it, the tree was covered with perfectly round holes where some sort of beetle had bored into it. All of the branches that I could see were covered with the holes. We had to cut the tree and burn it. I wonder if this could be the same beetle that was found in that trap?

Right number, wrong person

To the person that called about the deck ladder in the Aug. 14 paper, please call back. The wrong person answered the phone.

Just send cash

What is wrong with people? My husband and I just received a wedding invitation and enclosed was a Web site called Reebles.com of where to send money only. How tacky! She does not want gifts, just money. We know good and well it will be used for personal bills she has. Why are they even getting married if money is tight already? I guess next people will start registering at banks instead of placing gifts under the tree at Christmas. I have already made a call to CMT Redneck Weddings. Hopefully there will be enough time to get it on the air. Sikeston will then be famous.

Old sparky

I have read stories about people stealing electric wires off of center pivot irrigation systems. I'm wondering if it would be legal to leave them turned on so people stealing the wire will get shocked with 440 volts? What do you think?

Higher on gas

I work out of town and was curious why Sikeston gas prices are 18-20 cents higher than Matthews and New Madrid. Most all of the New Madrid Power Plant and Noranda employees that live in Sikeston, and that's several hundred, are smart enough to buy their gas out of town. Sikeston is losing a lot of snack and gas money. Sikeston is quick to raise prices, but when the world barrel of oil go down, the prices seem to stay at the same price for days and days. I call for Sikeston to lower their gas prices.

Signs of availability

I'm calling in response to the no sagging pants issue. I was under the impression that when a young man walks around with his pants sagging and holding his private parts, this was a sign for him to show other men that he was available. I thought this was a homosexual thing with young men trying to show how available they were.

Yard guard

They say you can judge a book by its cover. I'd hate to have to judge some of these people the way that they let their trash lay out in their yard. Take their trash out and it's scattered everywhere, and they just walk on and let the poor old trash man have to pick it up. They need to come here and look at some of these streets. I thought we had a no litter law. It needs to be enforced. People, pick your dadgum trash out of the yard, it looks terrible laying around.