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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

Cards' games painful to watch

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Skunk. That's the word of the day according to Chris Pobst. He'll fill you in on the details if you bump into him at a game. It's been unbelievably awful hasn't it Pobst?

Okay, I'll admit, that the rest of this week's column is being thrown together at the last minute. It's been a long 52 weeks, haha, okay, a long week, of playing Mr. Mom at home and trying to hurry to get football previews completed. I've managed, and somehow have managed to keep my sanity in the process. This will all be random this week by the way, in case you struggle to keep up.

First off, let's talk about those horrendous Redbirds. Is there anybody out there that can sit through one of these nine inning fiascos anymore? I hate to break it to you all, but the Cardinals, along with my (cough) Yankees are down for the count in 2008.

At this moment, I think it's only fitting that I add a quote from Pobst's good friend (that he received during the ninth inning of Tuesday's game). We'll keep it anonymous and just call him Farmboy...

"I didn't write the book on 'What the Cardinals Needed' but if I had, I don't think 'A Ten Run Blowout' would have been a chapter."


One more line for good measure... and special thanks go out to rookie Matthew Bain for this one...

"Stat line for Wellemeyer, six innings pitched, eight hits, five runs, four earned, two walks, five strikeouts and a home run. And he's our ace."

Double whammy.

Moving on... Who's up for a little preseason prediction for high school football?

In what I've seen early on in Jamboree sessions and in practices, I think that the Sikeston Bulldogs are ready to contend once again in 2008. Coach Kent Gibbs has the defense hitting and the offense up and running. We'll know more after Friday night when Gibbs heads back to familiar territory in Fredericktown to see his Bulldogs in their season opener against his old school.

The New Madrid County Eagles are back, and possibly even better than the 2007 playoff squad. Sure, they lost a steady running back in Lennies McFerren, but the four remaining backs are as solid as you could ask for and it should be an explosive season for coach Arlen Pixley and the Eagles.

In Stoddard County, word is that Aaron Pixley has the Dexter Bearcats in mid-season form as well. October 17 should be a date that everyone circles on their calendar as NMCC visits Dexter in the first round of district play.

Players to watch for, again, just my opinion -- Eli Jackson (Sikeston running back), Dontre Jenkins (NMCC quarterback) and Ben Mills (no relation and Dexter quarterback).

In the girls softball circuit, the Kelly Lady Hawks are up to their usual winning ways again this season, putting up two consecutive victories on their opponents in two days. Coach Rhonda Ratledge is glad to have a solid core of pitching this season and I'm feeling another state playoff run, even though it's early. I called it early last season, so let's keep that positive vibe flowing shall we?

The Sikeston Lady Bulldogs are 1-1 on the young season, and already look 110 percent better than 2007 in my opinion (no offense to the players of 2007, you know we love you at the SD). The proof is in the pudding, and I think that this squad has a legitimate shot at putting up solid numbers in the win column. It's all about defense and swinging the bat, and in the first two games, Sikeston players have only whiffed a combined five times. Impressive.

Keep up the hard work and make your school proud.

Girls tennis is just getting started as well as volleyball, so there's no news to report as of yet. I'll be sure to fill you in as time goes along. For now, we've got business to attend to Friday night as kickoffs get set to be launched. (See Andrew Powell for an explanation)

I hope I made sense somewhere along the way this week. If not, forgive me, the 'pleasant' scent of diapers gets to me at times and my mind wanders. Hopefully next week I'll have something good to tell you about a Bulldog football victory.

Until then, the football preview should quench your thirst. It'll be in Sunday's paper, so read up and see what everybody in the area has to offer. I'll see you next week.