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SpeakOut 9-03

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Kick the habit

Hey stupid, if you can't pay your rent or buy your groceries, cut out purchasing cigarettes and beer. Duh!

- - -

This is an answer to Hard times. If you would leave off the beer and the cigarettes, you might notice a difference.

- - -

Responding to Hard times. I'm very sorry that you're having a very hard time and I know it's hard to be hungry. But I will tell you one thing - if you could get rid of your beer and your cigarettes, you'd have money for gas and groceries. I know what it's like to have a hard time. I'm a widow and disabled myself. I don't know about you, but it's a hard time for everybody nowadays just making ends meet. Hard times, get rid of your beer and get rid of your cigarettes and things will be a lot easier. I hope you learn to be wise with your money. Best wishes for you.

Best family and friend

I'd like to say thank you to the best parents, boyfriend and brother in the world. They've always been there and supported me in anything I have done. They've always been there no matter what I've done. I just wanted to say thank you and I love them all.

Fresh farm eggs

Someone contacted SpeakOut wanting to know where they could get large brown farm eggs. You can get them by calling me at 472-1234. You didn't put your number in the paper so I could call you.

Taking care of kitty

I have read the articles in previous editions of SpeakOut concerning the same problem that's not getting any better. I don't see it getting anything but worse unless we do something about it. I am a Sikeston resident who has had enough of this outrageous cat population. It has gotten out of hand. You wake up to find your trash can has been raided and there's trash all over your yard. Then you venture outside to find paw prints and scratches on your cars. Then after a long day of work you return home to 2 or 3 cats laying around on our porches looking at us like - what are you here for - using our porches for rest areas and bathrooms. Look people, these are not our cats. We are sick of dealing with your problems. This is why people choose not to have animals. But, we have no choice anymore - we have to deal with yours. If you have a cat, keep it in the house instead of roaming the streets to impregnate other cats to have kittens you're not going to take care of. This is a public nuisance. I wish animal control could do something. I'm tired of it.

Enjoying from afar

Although we did not get to enjoy our solar lights for long, we can see them every night, all nine of them. There is one problem - they are in another yard. Come by and get the part you left behind and we can enjoy all 10 of them. They come 10 in a box.