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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

SpeakOut 9-05

Friday, September 5, 2008

Live free or die free

Mike, this is for all the ones that are griping about everything that is wrong within our state and our federal government. I just returned from a trip to New Hampshire, the live free or die free state. It's a pretty neat thing. People should check into it and so should our local leaders and state leaders. New Hampshire is a live free and die free state. All the liquor stores and cigarette stores are all ran by the state. You can't buy liquor or cigarettes anywhere other than a state-run facility run by a state employee who is accountable for all the money. In return, all the revenue from that goes into the city, county and state organizational fund for schooling, road improvements, health care, etc. New Hampshire virtually has no one that is doing without, let's put it that way, even through the social services program because of the money that is generated from liquor, cigarettes and fuel, etc. The property taxes are a little bit higher, but I would gladly give a little bit more on my property tax to know that I'm not going to be taxed when I die and I'm not going to be taxed every day when I go to the store. When I earn my wage, I get my full paycheck. I give it up in a few other places. This is something we should all take to heart and take a look at. New Hampshire is a beautiful state. I was born and raised here, but it I ever get the chance to leave and work in such a wonderful place, it would be the state of New Hampshire. The people are great. People in our area should research this a little more.

Good conduct

It's interesting that, while political "conservatives" often preempt the term Christian for themselves, the Democratic philosophy comes closer to Biblical advice on how we should conduct our lives.

Credit where credit is due

I am a veteran and a member of the VFW Post and the American Legion Post. I was proud to be a member of both, but now I am not so sure. When the VFW burned to the ground, the American Legion offered their help the morning of the fire. After some time went by, they accepted the Legion's help. From that time on, they had their meetings and used their kitchen and had their bingo there every Thursday night. We are all veterans and veterans help each other. The Post commander of the VFW told KFVS-TV that they had no help. As a member of both posts, I think we owe the American Legion an apology for what was said on KFVS about not having a place to use for their bingo and meetings plus the Legion kitchen. I had to get this off my chest. Give credit where credit is due. What was said made the Legion look bad. Signed, A concerned veteran.

We contacted Mike Watson, the VFW Commander. He stated the American Legion and the Ladies Auxiliary were a tremendous help in their time of need. He went on to say that if he failed to express his deep appreciation, he sincerely apologizes.

Gas, corn and classmates

Let the people that are complaining about Sikeston gas prices know that they should be thankful they get it so cheap. The current price for regular in my city is $3.76.9 and it has been much higher. We travel south to visit relatives and always find your gas much cheaper. Until we become independent from foreign oil we will have high prices. Sweet corn is in season now so we are enjoying just staying at home and feasting. Hope all my Canalou, Mo. classmates have a great time this weekend at their banquet in Sikeston. Wish I could be there. Class of 1954.

Buying around the law

Mike, I strongly disagree with your recent statement that the vast majority of Missourians are not pro-choice. Let's tell the truth for once. A vast majority of Missourians are pro-choice, but they're in the closet about it. They would never reveal how they truly feel for fear of the righteous indignation, ridicule and rejection they would have to endure from their friends and peers, especially those who attend church. Last week a wealthy Republican friend told me he was pro-choice, but won't care if McCain stacks the Court and overturns Roe vs Wade because, "If anybody in my family needs an abortion, we'll just fly her to Switzerland." This is the hypocrisy that the Republicans and the anti-choice crowd have brought to the table. They'll buy their way around any laws that stand between them and their abortions. To hell with the poor and underprivileged, the victims of violence and incest.