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SpeakOut 9/7

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Ways to protect

I say boo to the new traffic checkpoints in Sikeston checking for drivers' licenses, seat belts, etc. This comes on the heels of the new drug testing of students at the high school. If you're really serious about "protecting" the kids, then test them for alcohol on Saturday and Sunday mornings, before it has cleared their systems and while the tests can still detect it. Have we given up on educating them, getting parents involved and inspiring them to stay sober in a free country? Are we Communists, Fascists, or what?

Excellent choices

I think John McCain and Joe Biden are two excellent candidates for president. You might throw Obama in there for vice president because he could really learn a lot from Joe Biden. That's just my view.

Heard it before

Hello Mike, I am an occasional reader of your young columnist, David Jenkins. I have had a smile or two induced from a few of his columns. But last Wednesday's, The Wonder of my Mind, was special. I recognize several of his wonders from some I have read many times in the past. To point out, the Superman paragraph, the Jimmy crack corn barb, the Preparation H reference and the scented toilet paper comments. Jenkins does seem to have some promise as a writer. After spending a career in writing, I can only advise that plagiarism is one of the foulest words in our business. I only say this in hope Mr. Jenkins will start to rely on developing his ability and not succumb to using other's words underneath his own name.

Pretty bold claims, however, I have either heard or thought of every one of my "wonders." Sorry someone else has thought of them too. Maybe my mind isn't as warped as I thought it was. -- David Jenkins

Heaven is black and white

There are so-called people who say they are Christians. But...they won't vote for a black man, say they can't stand a black man and don't want a black man for a president. Don't you think there will be black men in heaven? And supposedly that's where you think you're going. In fact, there will be black people in heaven. If you can't stand them down here, what makes you think you are going to go to heaven and be with them? I don't think you will be there - they may be, but you won't.

Relatively speaking

This person I hope, will know who they are. You stole my wedding rings and three other items a few years ago. It's alright to steal from your relatives and now you're stealing from your sister. But when they stole from you, you acted like a saint and thought it was oh so wrong.

Bin calling

This is to all the people that keep calling about that one old guy, calling my number, for the one who tears down and puts up grain bins. My number in the phone book is not his. He has his own phone number.