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Friday, Aug. 26, 2016

SpeakOut 9-12

Friday, September 12, 2008

Law for all

I was just wondering if the new law that applies to people wearing baggy pants, if that applies to people who are overweight or obese?

Faded out

Mike, I'm scared, I'm very scared. Less than a year ago I made a statement about some faded windows at the high school. Mike, I didn't know SpeakOut was so powerful. They knocked down the whole building - I just asked for new windows.

The good ol' days

I agree with the 86-year-old person's article about having to walk to school, take their lunch in a tin bucket. I'm not quite that old, but I remember back in the 50s having to walk from the west end of town to the Airport School, which was about a mile. We got a good education and the teachers back in those days had the authority to correct the students. I know many times I got a spanking at school, but you can't do that today. We didn't have air conditioning or heat, we had an old coal stove. Today the bus comes around to pick up the children for school, the parents have 2 or 3 cars in their driveway where they could get up out of bed and take their kids to school and give the taxpayers a break. I don't know if the parents realize how much fuel costs for those school buses. Many parents don't even get out of bed when their kids are getting ready for school. They could be taking some of them to school themselves. It's costing us taxpayers no telling how much money to operate these school buses. Parents, get out of bed and take your kids to school. We had a curfew when I was a kid. If the police would enforce the curfew, you wouldn't see these kids out causing harm to people's property.

Family first

I want to speakout about Mr. McCain's choice for vice president. I am very disappointed in the choice he made. She needs to stay home with her children. Her family needs her very badly. I think family comes first. We are in lots of trouble. If McCain dies before his four years is up, God help us. I'll have to vote Democrat. I've been a Republican for years. Mr. McCain will not get my vote. God help this country.

Keys found

I would like to report finding some keys out at the Complex by the lake. If you'd like to call and identify them, you can call 471-2568.

One smart cookie

I bet Obama wishes a thousand times now he would have picked Hillary Clinton for his running mate. McCain's running mate Sarah Palin is one smart cookie. Number one, she is a born again Christian and I see a lot of Hillary Clinton in her. And I believe she'll do the right thing - even if it means going against her own party to get things done. Man, I'm looking forward to the debates.

No tanks

I'm actually from Oklahoma. I'm 55 years old and a prior resident of Morehouse. I come here once every six months or once a year and I'm very concerned with the circumstances here. Seems like every street has potholes - some of them almost deep enough to bury a tank in. This is been an ongoing problem. I've been retired since '94 and it seems to be getting worse. I'm sure there are more concerned citizens other than myself. I just wish there was something that could be done about it. Maybe the city of Sikeston needs to send supervisors or street graders or someone to look at this situation.

A house for a home

Give it a break about the Habitat for Humanity homes. People need a home regardless of race or anything else. You need to be nice. If you are a Christian, I'm ashamed of you. And if you're not, you need to become one. Stop being mean to all these people, they don't deserve it. They deserve a life like like anybody else.