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Your View: It is up to us

Monday, September 15, 2008

Dear Editor,

A girl was walking by a store when she noticed a "help wanted" sign. She kept on walking but kept thinking about it. What is the rest of her life going to be, where will she stand? In life so many decisions are thrown our way and we choose what to do. We make life out to be what we want it. One mistake however can push everything away.

Going out on the edge, making our minds up about right and wrong is part of growing up. But what happens when we make a mistake that costs not just you but hurts everyone else? If you listen to most debates, our leaders are complaining about the problems. But then, nothing is done. What if one decision costs one child their parent? What if that decision took a life away? And what happens when no one decides to stand up and say enough is enough?

Yes, opinions do matter, but are we thinking of ourselves when we make our decisions or considering everyone else it affects? What is sickening is knowing that our political leaders are only saying what is wrong instead of fixing it. I am a young adult, and even I know not to vote because of party identifications. Instead one's vote should be based on the morals and stands that are being made by the candidate.

In history, women didn't say "give us the right to vote" and it handed to them. Instead they fought for it. African Americans didn't say "one day I'll be free" and it was handed to them. And, we didn't tell the British to back off and then they did voluntarily. We fought for this country; we fought for equal rights; so why are we now sitting around doing nothing?

What happened to "United we STAND and divided we FALL"? Every day families are being torn apart, people getting unequal treatment because of sex or color. We need to broaden our outlook on this country because if you think prices raising everyday is bad, imagine being separated from the ones you love. Someone needs to say enough is enough, and I will be the first to say enough is enough. Something needs to be done. It is time for a change!

I do not understand why things happen, I simply have no answer. I do try to find a way to make it better. Through trial and error we learn. Everyone is human and everyone is bound to make mistakes. If we make mistakes then we must try to fix them. The problem with society now is that no one cares enough to fix their mistakes, which creates a problem for many Americans. I love the United States, but what has our country come to? Do we only care what pop stars and actors are doing or about issues that affect our everyday life?

Maybe we need to realize that we are the future. Are we going to throw it away like some people are doing now? Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love music; I love the creative arts of acting. It expresses the mind as does writing. Sometimes the message that is hidden in these mediums need to be heard. Every decision affects more than just you and me. Some will suffer and will never say a word. One big question. . . What then?

Respectfully yours,

Ashley Moore