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SpeakOut 9-16

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Cats continue

I just read the comment in the SpeakOut about taking care of kitty. It's not only in Sikeston, the problem is in East Prairie too. You've got cats using the bathroom in your flowers. I bought my little girl a pool and the cats come to it to drink water. They've poked holes all in the ring and we had to patch it. She didn't get to enjoy her pool much this year. We worked on it trying to keep the holes patched and it was all due to neighbors who have cats that don't take care of them and let them run everywhere. East Prairie has a leash law on cats, too. What can we do?

Bad managing

If people would take a good hard look around them, they would see that it's not all cigarettes and beer to blame. People don't or won't manage their own financial income very well. The government is making it hard on people, and long-nosed people sticking their noses in everyone's business. They don't keep their own dirty underwear hanging in their own closet. Plus, they use too many credit cards and get in way over their heads owing money to these places.

Work bonuses

Dear Mike, I have several friends that work for the Missouri Department of Transportation. From what I understand, they are actually issuing bonuses now. How would you give employees bonuses when a department doesn't make anything or sell anything? Is this true or is this a rumor? Thank you Mike.

We contacted MoDOT with your concerns. According to Cheryl Ball, Asst. to the District Engineer of District 10, MoDOT recently began a program designed to help managers provide temporary annual increases to employees based on their efforts to move MoDOT forward, deliver on tangible results and model MoDOT values and preferred employee qualities. MoDOT's tangible results are listed in the Tracker document available at www.modot.mo.gov. The Performance Based Pay program provides a one time, 12-month salary increase to those employees meeting the criteria listed above. Since the increase is not permanent, there is not a lasting impact on the personal services core budget.

Right in the middle.

I want to know when the Cotton Carnival pageant is for the little girls that are age 10. I want to enter my little girl.

There are categories for children under and over age 10, but not one for that particular age.

Glad it's over

Though I'm glad the Republican Convention is over, I realize we haven't heard the end of their total falsehoods. We will keep hearing about this so called maverick, although McCain has boasted about voting along with Bush 90 percent of the time. We will still hear ludicrous McCain ads say that Obama will tax us too much, even though analysts say the Democratic plan will leave the majority of us with more income than McCain's economic plan would. I hope the Conservative media will begin calling him out on his flip-flopping. I doubt they will.

What's a computer

They are going to try to get new jobs for all these people. I've got news for them. People that are in their 40s ad 50s are the ones that are paying for the job loss today. The younger generation will have a chance to go to college in this hi-tech world. The people in their 40s and 50s, when they graduated from high school, half of us didn't even know what a computer was. I think they need to put people in their 40s and 5's to work also. They have 10 or 20 years left to work. A lot of them have lost jobs due to import at shoe factories and garment factories. I think somebody needs to help them out. A lot of them are going to be in poor shape when then get to be 65 and not able to draw much Social Security for all the years that they've lost through the job industry.

Curbing crime

I read your article on the comparison of deaths in Chicago and the mid-east. While there are differences, I have seen similar comparisons closer to home. I lived for many years in St. Louis, and certain parts were referred to as "Vietnam West" and were open war zones at times. I, like you, cannot begin to cite all the reasons, nor the cures, but wouldn't it be nice to clean up our own communities before going out of the country? I have heard or seen nothing from either candidate as to how to curb crime in our cities, and to truly make this the "land of the free" since in some instances we are not free to travel except under high risk conditions.

Fruits and nuts

Since you printed the same democrat assertion again after I responded to their first false posted assertion, that is that "democrat philosophy is closer to Jesus' biblical philosophy." I respond again. Jesus warned his disciples (paraphrasing) "you will be hated by the world for My name's sake ." And, "do not be surprised if they hate you, for they first hated me." And "by their fruits ye shall know them." State College Campuses, National Public School curriculums, our mainstream national news media, the Hollywood complex of perverted elites, atheist organizations promoting 'separation of church of state," N.O.W., the A.C.L.U., and a dozen other attack dog groups, many of them funded by George Sorros, and many more such as A.C.O.R.N.(of Obama fame) are funded by earmarked diverted taxpayer funds, and all have two things in common. 1.) They are a totally aligned with the democrat national committee. 2.) They all hate Christian conservatives. Liberal Christians are not hated by the world. Conservative Christians are. The majority of today's political fruits and nuts reside under the shade of the Democrat National Committee. Nuff said.

Who's kicking the ball

What's up with the Sikeston Soccer League this year? I know they had a change in several of the officers and I know the officers have other jobs, but come on, this is ridiculous! The website isn't updated, we don't have practice schedules or game schedules yet, and it is the second week of September. Usually by now, we have had several practices already and the season is underway. I have heard several parents talk about how upset they are. I've also heard mention the soccer account has quite a bit of money in it and they still expect us to do fundraising or opt-out. At this late date, I think they should skip the fundraising. I'm all for keeping money in the account, but let's not be greedy. When you are registering more than one child, $45 is plenty and this doesn't count opting out or fundraising. Also, what's up with the grass not being mowed. I heard the City would mow, but several on the league think they have to do it. Why? Wouldn't that save them a little time? I know there will be a reply stating "you should offer to help, etc." Thing is, "you did offer to help and we are still behind." I'm thankful for the volunteers, I just think there has been very poor planning this year. I hope you don't lose several sign-ups over this. For first time soccer parents, this doesn't look good.

Put it together wrong

I would like to say something about the car show out at the park. There was a young boy that had his car in a class of Under Construction. When they gave him his trophy, it was "under construction" and he had to put it together. They might not have meant anything by it, but I have a feeling it really hurt that boy's feelings. He was just a young kid that was proud of his car, and when he gets the car done, it is going to be a sharp car. I really feel that those people should give him an apology and possibly another trophy. I have a young kid too, and if that happened to mine it would have really made me mad.

A live tire

I don't know what to think about these 40-year-old women who've had numerous affairs and live-ins and swallow birth control pills by the case. What do they think those pills are doing - and sticking Pro Life stickers on their cars. Read Genesis Chapter 2, Verse 7. How can you kill something that hasn't breathed air? Look at the people who had a heartbeat but was a vegetable and the doctors turned off the ventilator. They were not alive. The machine could keep a tire alive if that was the case. Give these young girls a break. Signed, Fed up.