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Thursday, Aug. 25, 2016

Your View: Media obsessed

Thursday, September 18, 2008

As I watch the news today, I'm amazed at the mainstream media as they brazenly and openly support the anti-Christian liberal view. Apparently fair and balanced reporting is a thing of the past.

Those who once prided themselves as reporting the news are now actively striving to distort the news. ABC, NBC and CBS have all become propaganda machines of liberal social ideology. This fact has never been more evident since Senator John McCain selected Governor Sarah Palin as his running mate.

These news outlets use to at least attempt some resemblance of the broadcast ethics of fair and balanced, but now they've removed any and all doubt and are clearly seen as bias. They no longer have any credibility as a true news organization. The unfair and vicious attacks on Governor Palin are simply uncalled for, unconscionable and down right outrageous.

Once a news organization takes the step away from reporting the truth, then from that point on, it becomes nothing more than a tool used to promote propaganda. Notice! What is the first thing that a dictator does when he comes into power? He takes control of the media and immediately begins to promote his agenda and his ideology. He propagates his own views without any rebuttal or reasonable discussion. He takes away every opportunity for the opposing view to have a voice in the public arena.

How did we American slip so far away from our godly roots as a nation? Years ago, it was the Communist Party who was guilty of passing laws to kill its citizens. But now in America we have legalized the murder of unborn and partially born babies. Every day thousands are killed and we act as if it were normal.

It was the Communist Party that took control of a country through social programs. They promised that they would take care of the people by socializing healthcare, childcare, education, law enforcement and protection. Subsequently, the citizens believe the propaganda, took the Party at its word and gave in to the idea that Socialism was the cure for all their problems. They gave up their right to keep and bear arms, and when the citizens were disarmed and vulnerable, they lost their freedom.

Have you heard any of these ideas recently, by any chance? Sounds like the Democratic National Party to me. It's obvious that the mainstream media is in the Democratic camp and it's being used to promote this socialistic form of government.

In all my years as an informed American, I've never seen the media so obsessed on getting a presidential candidate elected, as I have seen with Senator Obama, the most liberal socialist in the Senate.

History is repeating itself, for the propaganda machine is once again alive and well and at work in America, oiled and running at top speed each and every morning and at 6 p.m. each night.

Straight from my heart to yours,

Pastor Tom McCanless