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SpeakOut 9-18

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Too far left

I am 72 years old and have voted Democrat most of my life, but I think the Democratic party has gone too far left for most Americans. We thought if we got a Democrat Congress, we would get something done like drilling for oil in Alaska. But what does Nancy Pelosi do - she closes down Congress and calls security to get the Republicans out and turns off the lights. While people are hurting, Congress takes a five-week vacation. By the way, this Congress has the lowest approval rating of all time. What does that say for the Democrats - not much.

Weekend is too much

I am calling about this Back-2-Sunset every year. I am one of the persons that helped to support this idea when it first started. For the first couple of years it was good to come back and see people that we hadn't seen in awhile, enjoy each other's company and meet and greet each other. As of late, especially this year and last year, it's terrible. The young kids have overrun it, you can smell dope everywhere you walk, the kids are fighting, the parents don't know where the children are, the police are having to call extra police and put in barricades. It's mostly because of young children who have ruined this for us. I vote this Back-2-Sunset stops immediately - maybe to a one-day picnic or to a dance and dinner. This whole weekend is ridiculous. People do not want to act like adults or be responsible or take care of themselves or their children.

Tell me why

It's another beautiful day in the city of Sikeston. I remember that was on the letterhead every time you got a letter from Sikeston. How come we no longer say that? I woke up with a lot of why's this morning. Why was was I unable to go to sleep and was awake until 3 a.m. this morning? It was because people were still driving down my street booming and my windows were rattling so hard I couldn't sleep. Why are still people still doing that? Why is that law not being enforced? Why does Sikeston have so many empty lots? What's going on with all the empty lots that are cluttered with paper and bottles and just plain, old garbage? Why can't I drive downtown without the bricks rattling my new car? It's the first time I've had a new car and I can't drive downtown. Why when I look out my window, I'm looking at some boy's butt 'cause his pants are so far down his legs? And he's holding his crotch like he's got a gold mine stuck up there or something. Why am I doing that? I was raised in a smaller town where neighbors lived beside each other and hollered back and forth at each other. You weren't afraid to leave things out at night. I think I'm moving. I can't take it anymore!

Taking candy from a baby

I see Sikeston DPS is at it again. I just read in the paper where they are not going to allow them to throw candy anymore during the parade. This is totally ridiculous. What is it with this town? Do we live in Russia or Missouri? If parents can't watch their children to make sure they don't get hurt picking up a piece of candy, then they shouldn't be allowed at the parade anyway. I'm just totally discouraged. I for one, and I'm going to try and get a lot more, will not attend the parade. This is ridiculous, Drew Juden!

Unfortunately, some parents lack any responsibility.

- - -

Can you image the Sikeston Cotton Carnival parade not throwing candy to the kids? They have for years. What else is Sikeston going to put a stop to? It seems like everything the kids have is gone.

SpeakOut online

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Not up to date

I wish my school would update their web page. Some of the school web pages have been updated and look great. Others are so far behind - they have pictures that or 2 or 3 years old. They haven't updated PTO, they haven't updated any of the classrooms. Come on! In this day and age when people have computers, we like to go on there and look and keep up with our school. Get with it Sikeston!

Easy way out

Your article in Sunday's issue brought this to mind. If one of our brave politicians would get a law passed to stop the taxpayers from paying for all these babies that are being born out of wedlock, it would save Medicaid a lot of money for the person who might need it. Twenty years from now when they grow up without an education or skills to hold a job, then the easy money selling drugs come along and then the crime, and our grandchildren will have to grow up around it. I have a niece who works for the state getting absent fathers, and she says they time these babies in order to not miss a check. The reason they do not marry is so Uncle Sam will pay for delivery and then comes WIC, nursery care and it goes on and on until they are grown. No wonder Medicaid is going broke! We have too many freeloaders. I'm for stopping this. The first one may be a mistake, but today I doubt it - they learn about sex early in school. I'm for stopping this, how about you? A Concerned Citizen

Slippin' and walkin'

I just got my paper and I'm reading in it about the baggy pants again. I tell you what, I'm going to add one to it. I was at Wal-Mart the other day and this man came in. I know he was 44 or 45 years old, he wasn't no kid. The seat of his pants was dragging almost to his knees. They just kept a slipping and he just kept a walking. I tell you, it's embarrassing. I don't care who talks about it or what people think about it, I think it's terrible. Ain't got sense enough to pull their doggone pants up!

- - -

I'd like to express my opinion on sagging. These kids look like a 2-year-old with a diaper full of you know what!