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Favre as a head coach someday? How about Tennessee?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

After watching Florida down, okay, annihilate my Tennessee Vols last Saturday, I've come up with a marvelous idea. If you go to volnation.com you can find posts from hundreds of Rocky Top fans suggesting which coach should replace Phil Fulmer on the sidelines. They range from Lane Kiffin (Oakland Raiders) to Steve Spurrier (South Carolina). My proposal... Brett Favre.

In my opinion, the guy can still play, but it'd be great to see his fire and passion for the game on the sideline under a set of headphones rather than see him take a beating behind a dismal offensive line that the Jets are fielding him week in and week out. Granted, he has his flaws, but it'd just be a sight to see him on the sidelines some day. Lord knows the Vols could use a change atop the mountain.

Since we can assume that this would never happen, I'll jump on the Lane Kiffin bandwagon (see last week's column for the keyword BANDWAGON). Kiffin comes from a pretty salty background where he saw time at the University of Southern California under Pete Carroll, who is possibly one of the greatest college football coaches of all time. Kiffin is currently with the Raiders and is on the hot seat himself, but with a boss like Al Davis, who could be considered great? Come to UT Kiffin and see what fan support does for you.

The beloved Yankee Stadium saw it's final contest on Sunday evening. Try as you may, you cannot lie to me and say that you didn't at least turn the game on for a minute to watch the ceremonies honoring past Yankee greats. It was a great game, and only fitting that New York won the game, sending the Orioles away with nothing but a cup of sand from the pitcher's mound for memories. I'm going to take a page from the Cubbies book and say, expect big things in 2009.

As for the playoffs in 2008, Dodger bandwagon anybody?

Speaking of playoffs, well at least a lack there of, how about a house cleaning party in St. Louis?

Is anybody in love so much with Tony LaRussa that you wouldn't mind to see him somewhere else, say, a beach? I'm still up in the air on the issue, but several disgruntled Cards fans are calling for his head. I'd rather see the whole bunch besides Pujols, Molina and Ozzie Smith go. Did I say Ozzie, dang. It sure would be nice to have a shortstop again in St. Louis wouldn't it?

Proposal for a trade, Cesar Izturis, Adam Kennedy, Ryan Franklin, Chris Duncan, Jason LaRue and Randy Flores for anybody that can hit around .285, field a position and not come up gimp before the All-Star break. We'll take them at shortstop, second base or in a corner outfield spot, just shoot us an offer for what you have.

I, for one, am a fan of Rick Ankiel, despite troubles at the plate periodically. At least he puts bottoms in the seats at Busch.

I would like to also see Mark Mulder catch a plane ride somewhere. I believe the days of Mulder are over and I can't see any possible chance of Chris Carpenter returning to form either. Let's just chalk those two up as done. Maybe Carp will surprise me, but Mulder has worn out his welcome.

Probably the most interesting quote I read this week on a baseball forum was a Cardinal fan proposing a trade -- Adam Kennedy for a dozen good baseballs. Wow, that's demoralizing. Make it a half dozen and a rosin bag and we've got a deal.

Back to college football, I've been bothered this week. No, not by the blowout by Florida on the road, at Neyland Stadium in front of 100,000 plus Volunteer fans, on national television... I was bothered by the fact that LSU hasn't been ranked No. 1 yet in the polls, but Georgia and USC have both spent time at the top. Georgia wasn't in the national title game last season, nor was USC. If my memory serves me correctly, it was LSU that romped THE Ohio State in the title game.

So, answer me this... If a team goes out in the previous season ranked on top, and whoops what was supposed to be the greatest team in the land, then why in the world are they not ranked No. 1 in the preseason polls? Better yet, they're undefeated this season and they're fresh off of a win over Auburn (a ranked opponent), and they're still not noted as king of the mountain.

I know, I can hear you Mizzou fans, it wasn't fair that you dropped out of the top five, but you beat Buffalo while LSU downed Auburn. There's a world of difference, and I'd be making the same case for you to be No. 1 if you had gone out last season as the top dog. And, before you start it up, I know, the MU Tigers got ripped in last season's BCS as well. This season they'll make a case for themselves.

And finally, since I make incorrect predictions quite frequently in my column, this week I'm going to reverse my fate and predict a victory (an obvious one) against one of MY teams. Auburn 35, Tennessee 14. I'll probably be crying on the couch in my bright orange shirt and UT hat. Then again, the Cotton Carnival is in town. I'll flip a coin.

See you next week.