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SpeakOut 9-26

Friday, September 26, 2008

Far and few between

When my husband and I were married five years ago, I relocated from a small nearby town to Sikeston. In the past five years, I have met some of the friendliest people that I know. The problem is that those types of people seem to be the exception in Sikeston. I'm sure there are more of you out there, but most of the people I encounter in Sikeston on a daily basis are rude and disrespectful. People, I take my children to a local medical clinic in town, and although I love my pediatrician, I dread speaking with the receptionists to make an appointment because they are so unfriendly. And its not just there - cashiers, wait staff, bank tellers. You go through a drive-thru, and the hand you your order and slam the window shut - whatever happened to thank you? I understand that dealing with the public can be hard and stressful, but is it too much to ask for a little courtesy? Regardless of how my day has gone, I am always friendly and respectful of others, its not their fault I am having a bad day. People of Sikeston, try smiling once in a while - you might get one back.

Qualifications and experience

In regards to our local political race and especially the Sheriff's department. I would like to have the candidates list their qualifications including years of experience, education and what they plan on doing in the future. I don't want to hear about their families, although they are important to the politician, they won't be running the department. I want to know how they intend to cut budgets and make their budget work without going over and costing the taxpayers more. I would like to see how they plan on working with other agencies, and if not why not. And how will not cooperating with other agencies is going to help this county. I don't want to hear how much money they have already brought in that is taxpayers' money because we aren't seeing it and it is being spent faster. I don't want to hear how the law enforcement tax is going to end, because I don't intend to give you anymore money. I need my money to pay my bills, put gas in my car and feed and clothe my kids.

Barack's baby-backs

I just heard about the $26,000 fund raiser dinner for Obama. Well, we know who attended that - all wealthy Democrats. I think this is ridiculous. I hear about this kind of stuff and it makes me ill. Do they realize how many Americans live on less than $1,000 a month and they spend that kind of money for a campaign dinner! We waste so much money in this country. Wouldn't it be nice if someday we elected a president that really cared about us and our needs?

More than pregnant

In response to Desperate times. There wouldn't be unwanted pregnancies if people would use commonsense and use protection, especially when their response to getting "knocked" up is to run and have an abortion. What ever happened to being responsible for your actions? There are way too many birth control methods available today for "unwanted" pregnancies to occur. If you are allergic to latex and can't use condoms, go get a Depo-Provera shot. Scared of needles - get the birth control patch. Time out for excuses, ladies and gentlemen! I'm not even going to put God's Word in it (you know, commandment No. 6, thou shall not kill). If you don't want to get pregnant, use protection, or just say no. As an afterthought, you can get more than pregnant having unprotected sex - ask your local health department.

Sticking it to your neck

I want to speak to anyone who has been advised to have surgery on the upper spine using a procedure going through the front of the neck toward on the back. This procedure is performed on an area where a lot of delicate nerves and the voice box are located and controls a lot of functions of the body. When this method is used by a neurosurgeon, they have to move everything to one side to gain entrance. In some cases the surgeons do not tell the patient of the possibility of permanent damage. It is up to the patient to ask questions and seek a second or third opinion. After the damage is done to the nerves and vocal cords, there is no one who can or will fix the problem. It seems to be experimental since about 90 percent of the people I talk to have never heard of this newest and supposedly faster procedure. Patients have a right to know these things, even if they have confidence in their surgeon. I'm sure most of the medical system would like to have updates from the FDA on previous surgeries.

Federal hold

I was looking for some clarification in regards to the Scott County Sheriff's Department being able to hold federal illegal immigrants or federal prisoners. I was under the understanding in listening to Sheriff Walters' campaign statements that he obtained approval to hold federal prisoners, and yet in today's paper concerning the health contract it appears that that has not happened. I would like some clarification on what the status is of Scott County being able to hold prisoners in that status.

They are still waiting to hear from Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Making mobiles mobile

I would like to know if you could give me a name and a number of someone that moves mobile homes.

You better watch out

I feel like I am living in the story 1984 when I am in Sikeston. The DPS here is quite ridiculous and are good at making people afraid of coming out of their homes. I feel like they are always watching me and I might get in trouble because I just threw a piece of candy at a kid walking by.

Play it again

Everybody is on this Cotton Carnival thing about not being able to throw out candy. How about the great Sikeston tradition of playing The Red and the Black? It hasn't been in 20 years. Let's go back to the old way - play The Red and the Black during the parade.