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SpeakOut 9-29

Monday, September 29, 2008

Watch your step

I think it's great that there will no longer be candy thrown at the parade. Some of the members of the marching bands couldn't even march in a straight line because they had to dodge kids in the middle of the street. Some of the adults are just as bad! The trash left behind after the parade is disgraceful. If you people are so hard up for candy, go to the store and just buy some. The American Legion holds the parade for people to enjoy the entries; not to provide you with free candy!

Bricks, burgers and foot-longs

I lived in Sikeston for 22 years before moving to Cape. When I come down there I am amazed that Sikeston removed the asphalt off the bricks and is making Downtown look a little like I remember as a kid. Good job! I still have to get a Kirby burger when I come down but I still like Ferrell's foot-longs also. I wonder if anyone remembers that name? By the way those saggy britches should be Taser targets.

Based on reality

Amen to you Pastor McCanless. It is refreshing to see a political posting based on history and the obvious reality. Usually they have the appearance of partisan talking points. Speaking of partisan politics absent truth, our Senator (McCaskill) was on a news morning show Thursday, speaking for Missourians, saying McCain/Palin want to put women in prison for having an abortion due to being raped, or an incest situation. It's unconscionable.

Up on the roof

Love the access ladder, kids can get up to the roof easier. Here I thought someone was already going to jump by this picture.

Expressing confidence

I hear a politician like John McCain express confidence in the marketplace and wonder if he really doesn't understand how the economy works or if he secretly realizes how many crises have resulted from the failure of government to do its job and protect ordinary Americans from the abuses of the very marketplace he pretends to revere.

Booty grabbers

I'm so glad that they're going to stop throwing candy to those obnoxious brats that bully the parade crowd and ruin the experience for the rest of us. I've spent my whole life in Sikeston and have watched every carnival parade and marched in quite a few. This has not been an historical practice or tradition. It's out-of-control - unsupervised kids running amuck while dumbstruck parents wander around the perimeter waiting for their little grabbers to return with their booty. Teaching children to dart into the street, groping and fighting for candy was a terrible idea from the start, and somebody is finally showing some cajones by putting a stop to it.

Don't tell me how to vote

I for one am a Christian, but I really am tired of preachers in Sikeston churches telling me or anyone else how to vote in the upcoming presidential election. All churches that are doing this, mainly Baptist, should be reported to the proper authorities and lose their tax free status.

Throwing my way?

I was reading SpeakOut today where it said that DPS was going to stop them from throwing candy at the parade. I totally agree with them. Not only for the reason that a child can get hurt, but for the people that are throwing it. They throw it at certain people. You have little kids looking at you like "why aren't they throwing to me?" It's hard to answer them when you know the reason, so I'm glad this is over with.

Sagging solution

One solution to the saggy pants would be if the stores would stop stocking those saggy pants. Then they can't buy them and wear them out on the streets. I personally don't like them either.

Safety first, candy second

I would like to respond to the speakout, Taking candy from a baby. I've driven floats and vehicles in the Cotton Carnival parade many times. In the past years, the American Legion has requested that no one throw candy from the floats. Driving a tractor pulling a trailer and having kids running up to it, I became very frightened as a driver and operator of this float. For the people to complain about their kids not being able to get candy thrown of these floats, calling our police mean and Gestapo, they don't understand the safety issue. One child being run over by a float would be a tragedy. Again, having driven many floats, it is very dangerous to drive through the parade and pay attention to all the kids and people running out and screaming at you wanting to get candy. People, please think about it. And you have to, go spend 50 cents or a dollar and buy a bag of candy and throw it to your own kids. Remember, safety is always first when it comes to a large project such as this.

- - -

Finally Sikeston has announced that there will be no candy thrown out at this year's parade. This should have been stopped years ago. We have rode in the parade several times in the past. These kids run out to your vehicle, or whatever you are riding in, and run after you for the candy. Some of them - you would think they had never had candy in their life. Thanks Sikeston for putting a stop to this. They also leave a mess in our streets on the parade route.

Approved this message

I just want to say a few words about the upcoming election. If you believe in murdering unborn babies, vote Democrat. If you believe in same sex marriage, vote Democrat. If you believe in gun control, vote Democrat. If you don't want to drill for oil in our country, vote Democrat. If you believe in higher taxes, vote Democrat. My vote will be straight Republican. God bless John McCain and Sarah Palin. By the way, we need a Republican-led Congress. Name one good thing the present Congress is done. I'm a citizen of Sikeston that loves our country and I approved this message.

Board on pants

I saw where the issue of the saggy pants was voted down and declared unconstitutional in Florida. I just can't imagine a board of gentlemen and women sitting around talking about issues of bagging pants and how disgusting it is. Then will it be how low the tops are and how much cleavage is showing? And should shoulders be bare on women? Should men mow their lawns and work outside with their shirts off? How long should our dresses be? How short can our shorts be? When does it stop? And people coming into our town - are you going to erect huge billboards with the noise ordinance, the baggy pants ordinance, etc. the tinted glass ordinance. All these things to make our city nicer - I think we can go about it in a different way. Just picture a rounded table, these gentlemen and women discussing saggy pants. When I see something that disgusts me, I turn my head and go on. When will it stop?

The more things change. . .

I want to speakout about Obama. Obama says he wants change. If he wanted change, why did he pick Joe Biden, a 36 year veteran? That's not change.