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Friday, Aug. 26, 2016

DeWitt is playoff bound

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Playoff baseball has finally arrived. Anybody watching? Go Dodgers. If they're out, I'm done watching.

Seriously though, how crazy has this season been for Blake DeWitt? Random opening day starter, good start, mid-season assignment to AAA Las Vegas then called up for the remainder of the season and now on a playoff squad. To cap it off he'll be a part of a team that adds to the curse of the Cubbies. Enjoy your goat one more year Chicago and DeWitt, enjoy your first playoffs of what is sure to be many if Joe Torre stays around.

Enough about baseball, let's get to what make autumn possibly the best season around, well at least when the Yankees aren't in the playoffs.

How about this wild college football season? This has been an unbelievable season so far as numerous teams have fallen off the wagon one-by-one. Last week it was Florida, beaten by Hotty Toddy, aka Ole Miss, Wisconsin by Michigan, Bama whooped up on Georgia and USC just got it handed to them on the national stage by Oregon State. Now that USC got beat maybe Pete Carroll will make a flight to the Knoxville area to entertain boosters at Tennessee.

This week has another good schedule of games with Missouri headlining all collegiate contests as they head into Cornhusker territory to take on Nebraska. The Tigers are No. 4 in the polls and may jump a spot if they pull off a sound victory on Saturday.

Several years ago, this would've been a big week in Florida as Florida State gets set to take on Miami. Ohio State rounds out the big games as they take on Wisconsin.

By far the biggest game this weekend however, has to be at the prep level for Homecoming at SHS on Friday evening as New Madrid County Central comes to town. If you haven't watched the Bulldogs yet, Friday would be a prime opportunity to see them perform. It's sure to be a good contest with plenty of speed from both squads. Look for Courviseya Strickland and Eli Jackson to have the sidelines loud and the players on field pumped from opening kick until final down. Game starts at 7 p.m. at Sikeston Public Schools Stadium.

Since we're on the topic of the home town, I might as well throw this in while I'm at it. With all the drama blowing up the Speak Out portion of the paper lately, I thought I'd throw my two cents in on the Cotton Carnival Candy Saga. I'm fine with kids either being thrown candy or not being thrown candy. Both are fine in my book.

When it's thrown, it's in the bag and home for the cavities and it's up to the parents whether or not they let their kids dive in for action and a future dentist bill. When it's not thrown, it keeps kids out of the path of incoming band members and horse poo and an occasional clown on a tiny bike.

You decide which is the better option in your own opinion, but the one reply to Speak Out complaints that I loved the most was the fact that it 'would clean up our town because the parade just leaves too much litter.'

This just hit me as a hilarious reply when after the parade Saturday I got behind a parade float heading back across town. The closer I got, the more my truck began to be sprayed with tissue paper just unloading all over Main Street. Just funny, that's all. Stop the littering candy, but let your float pick up the slack.

Enjoy your candy kiddos. Wal-Mart has it on sale right now in case you didn't get any tossed your way.

Kickoff will be launched Friday evening at 7 p.m. Catch a good seat and a great game, I'll see you there.