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Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016

Speakout 10-3

Friday, October 3, 2008

Everyone loves a parade

This will be a first for me. Although I read SpeakOut religiously, I've never responded before, so here goes. What a bunch of whiney people we have in this area! And this goes all the way back to "picking your nose at Main and Malone". I can't believe that people around here are all up in arms because candy will not be thrown at this year's Cotton Carnival Parade. Oh my gosh! I've lived here over 40 years and "back in the day", there was NO candy thrown, nor political crap handed out to litter our streets. We, as children, attended the parade with our parents and were taught by our parents, to watch the parade respectfully. And politicians, community leaders, scout groups and church organizations waved to the crowd from their floats (now a thing of the past). They didn't have to sling a handful of candy at anyone and we all went to the Carnival afterward for cotton candy. (And to all of you wanting candy thrown - where are you afterward to clean up the mess that is always left behind? Secondly, believe it or not, the parade and the carnival used to be held in the same area. We also had the largest parade between Memphis and St. Louis, with more bands than the Southeast Missouri State Homecoming Parade in Cape Girardeau. The bands don't come here anymore, because there are too many other things for them to do the day of our parade. So somewhere along the line, it lost its luster for them. Go figure! I know this, because I was a marching band member for four years and remember the days of marching downtown on those wonderful bricked streets. (Kudos to the downtown merchants and the city for bringing them back.) Thirdly, there are no twirlers anymore because they are not "chic" for the type of "marching" our area bands do now. Personally, I feel that parades and the whole half-time show at football games have suffered. What was so wrong with doing a different show each home game? What was so wrong with playing a current song or two? What was so wrong with playing loud enough that the fans in the stand could hear you - let alone during morning practices, when the whole town woke up to the beating of bass drums? What's wrong with having a twirler or two? Now, it's very hard to hear the band (which now includes the once "freshman" band.) Sadly, they attempt to do the same show all season long with the same music - even our school song. The Red and Black is treated lightly and with very little pep OR respect! Believe me, there was a time when our band played the school song, they actually heard us in Charleston, and we (the band and Red Peppers) were facing Dexter (west) in the stands. Yeah, we actually sat on the side of the visitors and we didn't complain! I know that the students have very little choice on what is done, but on a lighter note, God bless those flag people! Finally, with the election just around the corner, if we all are craving and desiring change, why not start at home? Start with your family - or do you even know them? How about your neighbors? There was a time when we all kinda "watched out" for one another - now we just call the police to complain! Voicing your political view, complaining about pregnancies and gay people and then pointing your finger at everyone else, will not change anything. Change starts with yourself. That's the best place to start.

Racism goes both ways

In response to the Sept. 19 SpeakOut entry Tanning for Heaven. You talk like you may be a Christian person, but you also talk like a racist yourself. You seem to have the same tunnel vision that racism only works one way. How dare you make a racist comment about white people tanning our skin to look like yours. What are black women doing when they straighten and highlight their hair? Can they be trying to appear like white women? I don't think so. But that's the same stupid scenario you used. Believe me, I'm not proud of the way blacks were treated by whites during slavery 200 years ago, but let me remind you the African country was selling their own people for slaves to other countries before. At a different time, it seemed acceptable. I'm a white man saying it was not; however, it seem to me what you call "White America" has done nothing but bend over backwards for African Americans the last 20 or 30 years. Let me bring to your attention the things blacks have that would never be acceptable for whites. What about the television network that is totally dedicated to the black race, BET? What is more racist than a national beauty pageant that only black women can enter? What is more racist than news stand publications dedicated to the black race? What is more racist than a college fund that only one race can apply for and get - the United Negro College Fund. I say to you, anything that is just dedicated to one race is racism. The white public would never be able to have these things just for us. I'm all for equality but it seems that "Black America" is not satisfied with that. They want superiority, and I'm sick of that. White people are passed over for jobs so companies can hire minorities. I say to you that hiring anyone for a job based on the color of their skin is wrong and racist. If you're the minority in America, you're probably going to be the minority in the workplace. Get over it! My point is that racism goes both ways.

Lowering boom on the broom

I'm calling for some private investigating work. We have a missing street sweeper and I was wondering if the people of Sikeston had seen it. And if they do locate the street sweeper, their reward will be get your street swept!

No church politics

This is in response to Pastor Tom McCanless' article on Sept. 18. I was shocked to read this "Man of the cloth" views. He called the liberals and Democrats un-Christian. He said Sarah Palin has been treated outrageous. However, he called Obama a dictator, a Communist and liberal Socialist. It all adds up to biased and racist views about a man because of his color. The Civil War ended a long time ago, but apparently Pastor McCanless can't let it end. Racism rages on. Politics do not belong in a church service. I hope sir, that you spare your congregation that! And yes, I am white.

Rah, rah, rah

Regarding Pucker up in your SpeakOut Tuesday, Sept. 23, the difference between Palin and Bush was lipstick. Bush surely wore lipstick - he was a cheerleader in college.

I know a male cheerleader, bet his biceps are bigger than yours.

Supporting the step

I was watching the news on television about child support. When you get married, does that mean you have to support that woman's kids that are not yours that she had by another man?

Back paddling

This is about the bullying in school. The reason the kids act up is because they know they won't be able to be paddled by the teachers or the principal like they did when I was in school. They could care less if they get suspended - that's a joy to them. The parents can't even whoop their own kids at home to make them mind. They need to go back to paddling.

19 Minutes

This is Jackie Givens and I have been reading in the newspaper about the bullying. There is a book that you can pick up at the bookstore or Wal-Mart that is called 19 minutes. Although it is a fictional book, the author has researched Columbine. I have read the book and it is excellent to point out signs of bullying that the teachers or the parents are not seeing. It tells exactly how kids are pushed to that point and how parents deal with it when they go into a school and have a shooting. I feel like teachers and parents should read this book. It would be wonderful for them. And maybe, people could spot these signs easier. It is really, really informative. I wish all the teachers would try to read it.