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SpeakOut 10-07

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The logical choice

A president's pension currently is $191,300 per year, until he is 80 years old. Assuming the next president lives to age 80, Sen. McCain would receive ZERO pension as he would reach 80 at the end of two terms as president. Sen. Obama on the other hand, would be retired for 26 years after two terms and would receive $4,973,800 in pension. This in addition to the heavy tax burden he will most certainly bring upon us. I think anyone but a Marxist indoctrinated zombie can see the logical choice here given our nation's current financial burdens. Therefore all patriotic Americans who can still think critically and logically for themselves will most certainly vote for John McCain in November.

Side view

This is regarding the Street Walkers post. The citizens of Sikeston are simply going to have to take matters into their own hands to show these kids, and sometimes even adults, some respect. You can't drive on the west end of Malone or South West Street without having to dodge people walking in the middle of the road. They would rather look at you and grab their crotch than move out of the way to oncoming traffic. Maybe they're too occupied trying to keep their pants from falling down.

An arm, leg and a kidney

I've been browsing the SpeakOut comments, and the one about Obama's baby backs really annoys me. Let me just say this, Yes we waste a lot of money in this country, be it from over spending by the military or from ear-marks strategically placed in well crafted bills. However if you think that McCain's party is doing any different you are so misguided. Check out his net worth, his suits cost more than my entire wardrobe. Now I am not dedicated to either party. I think they are all the same to a degree, both tell you what you want to hear. Then when in office, guess what - it's the same old scene repeated every four years like clock work. If government was as dedicated to doing the job we pay them to do as they are to keeping that job we would all be better off. You can't afford health coverage, gas, groceries. I put in a 70-hour work week and guess what - neither can I. And yes, they should be ashamed. Moreover we should all be outraged. Recently my mom asked me when I was going to come down to Florida and see her and other family members. I simply replied, "As soon as my kidney sells on E-bay and the money clears the bank!" So speak up, not out. Organize, prioritize and make your leaders hear you, not just speak over you. We do pay their salaries and health care.

Ladder candy

To those upset about the candy issue during the parade. Oh my goodness get over it. There are much bigger issues at hand than whether or not your little bacteria factories get a dollars worth of free candy or not, it is simply petty and juvenile. Go to the Dollar Tree spend the buck ten on a back of mixed candy. Take it home. Put little Cindy or little Johnny out on the driveway. Stand on a ladder and throw the candy mix at them. It will give you the same effect. Really, come on! Is this the most pressing issue you have going on in your life?

We love ya, man

Paul Newman, may he rest in peace, another good liberal gone to heaven. We'll miss him.

Too much talking

I agree with Tim Wall and Dennis Ziegenhorn. Anonymous forums like online blogs and SpeakOut are filled with the views of alienated and disaffected societal misfits and should be abolished. Free speech has limits and should not be extended to the hopelessly insane who surround me, you, the state, nation and international community. I know that all of these people are out to get us and that they must be stopped now. There are time when they somehow, someway communicate with me by invisibly penetrating my mind. I can't take it much longer. Stop it!

Good Samaritan

The lady that's calling in about her child needing to see a dentist, if she will put in her name, address or telephone number in the paper, we will contact her and try to help her.

Two-times tiara

I was just curious, has anybody ever been the Junior Miss Cotton Carnival and then three years later been Miss Sikeston? If anyone has ever done that, call SpeakOut and tell them.

Solution to dental problem

I read in SpeakOut where the lady is asking about a place to get her daughter's teeth fixed that she doesn't have the money. I read in the New Madrid paper where Dr. Charles Baker has received a $100,000 a year to help kids and older people that need it. They might contact Dr. Baker in New Madrid.

Look me in the eye

I watched the debates. McCain would not even look at Obama. Why? I thought that was very odd. We laughed and laughed at the old ^&%$. He kept saying that Obama didn't understand. He was just like ol' Reagan. I thought Obama won 10-4 over McCain. McCain, you are too old. Obama will burn your butt at the next debate. I'm not for either candidate. I just want to let off steam. McCain won't live four years if he gets elected president and God help us if the "barracuda" gets in. The country will be pretty well washed up. If she gets in we will be living and eating off the street. When you can't look someone in the eye, you're not telling the truth.

Time for a Democrat

I agree with the SpeakOut caller that said wouldn't it be nice if someday we elected a president that really cared about us and our needs. We sure haven't had that for the last eight years. This administration only cared about corporations and Wall Street. Yes indeed, I agreed with the SpeakOut caller. It's time we elected a Democrat.

Eye see

I was reading in the newspaper about this free eye screening offered on the 24th of October. Are they going to help ones that need medical attention for their eyes, pay for their treatment or are they going to get stuck with bills that can't afford by going to a doctor they recommend?

Thanks a million

I read with great interest the article in the Weekly Record about Dr. Charles Baker getting a grant to serve the dental needs of the children in the Bootheel. I think it is so awesome that Dr. Baker got this grant to treat these children. Not only did he recognize the children needed to be screened, he also recognized that these children needed to have these teeth fixed so they could do better in school. Dr. Baker has always looked out for the interest of the people of Southeast Missouri, as well as his son, Dr. Mark Baker. I think you did an awesome job Dr. Baker. I, as a parent, appreciate what you've done all these years. New Madrid should be honored having you and your son as citizens. The people of New Madrid are greatly blessed. Johnny Davis, our local pharmacist and Dr. Patterpong, our medical doctor, will also come out anytime of night for us.