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SpeakOut 10-10

Friday, October 10, 2008

Bird itinerary

I live in New Madrid. I would like for you to put in the paper when the hummingbirds will be leaving and when you should stop feeding them.

Mac attack

Just reading SpeakOut here, the Sept. 30 edition. I just can't believe the hatred that is the Democrat party today. They attack a man here, Mr. McCanless, because he writes his point of view, and everything the man said is factually correct. You have these looney leftists come out of the woodwork with nothing but hatred and spite, that's all that drives them. And if anyone ever comes up with any factual information, anybody with one eye and half sense knows that the mainstream media is pushing Obama and trying to destroy McCain, trying to destroy Palin. It's obvious! They won't tell you a thing about the past of Obama. If he were a Republican, he would have buried in the primaries back in February. It's just stupid the things I read in this paper spouted by Democrats. It's just all a bunch of trash. Mr. McCanless, don't let 'em get you down. If they don't run you down that means you're not rebutting their lies. Keep writing. Please.

Signs of the time

You can certainly tell who went to church on Sunday. Have you noticed all the political signs that are going up in the yards as of this week? The preachers are doing their job!

So wrong

This campaign would be funny if it weren't so sad. I once had respect for John McCain; I thought he had integrity. I was so wrong.

Taught to be wild

My hometown was Morehouse, I too can remember the candy being thrown at the parade. This world has gotten out of control. We can't spank the children or correct them any longer - the schools can't do anything either to help make corrections. It is terrible now days. Kids just go wild and do whatever. Then we fill the jails and prisons when all the they needed was for a parent or someone to show them some love and guidance. I really liked this article.

Congress is the spender

This is to the stupid Democrats who criticize George Bush and Tom McCanless who is a well respected minister. Don't they know that the president does not spend money? Only the very liberal Democratic Congress spends money like drunk sailors. Why don't they get educated before wanting other people to listen to them? Don't they realize that they hurt their cause by being so lopsided? To attack a minister like they did in your column is really stupid. They may even go to church on Sunday.

Republican Robin Hoods

I cannot figure out why anybody would vote Republican and claim Republicans are Christian people. Sarah Palin said on CBS she was for pro-life, but she's also for lesbians and homosexuals. Her best friend is a lesbian and she said it was up to her if she wanted to be a lesbian. I guess that's how you become a Republican. You can lie, cheat and take away from the poor and give to the rich, but as long as you say you're pro-life, that's how you get elected. I tell you one thing, you are not a Christian just because you vote Republican. I'm a Democrat, I don't lie about it and I'm proud of it.

Census address

I would like for you to print in the paper the address of the Census Bureau. They take census every 10 years. I would like the address.

The address is: Census Bureau, 2001 NE 46th Street, Kansas City, Mo. 64116

Charge for availability

I just received my SEMO Electric Cooperative bill. My availability charge is $15. Fifteen dollars is the usual monthly charge that is on this billing. I'm not sure what availability means. Our electric service was discontinued due to lines being down for four days. Could someone from the SEMO Electric Cooperative office call into SpeakOut and explain exactly what the availability charge is? It used to be $9 a month, now it's $15. The people in the local office don't seem to know what it is. I don't either. Please explain.

According to a spokesperson from SEMO Electric, the availability charge is for having someone read the meter, having a meter available and billing fees.

An Obama-nation

Here's a little play on words for you. If the nations elects Obama and Biden, we will be an Obama nation just Biden our time for four years.

We want to play

Vanduser is a boring town, there is nothing to do. But when we want to play pool the people won't let us. There's an old store that they don't use anymore that the could turn into a game room.