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Speakout 10-12

Sunday, October 12, 2008

They've got the power

Government is all about money and political power and greed. It does not consider what is good for American people - the millions of people who work hard each day to support those in power who think only of themselves. This includes the retired persons who do not have a way to hear their voices heard by the government. They have worked hard all their life and now cannot afford medical care and sometimes not enough to eat. Now our elected officials want us to bail out those who acted negligently and control trillions of dollars they wasted and paid to CEO's. Some will tell you that voting some men if office will solve the problem - not true. There is so much fraud reported in the voting system at this time that it turns voters off. There are many people in this country that could help change some important policies in government today but they do not have big money behind them. The government wastes more money in one day than a working family can imagine. They do this because it is not their money. Remember Social Security - it was supposed to be in a locked box and used only for those benefits. It seems everyone in Washington has been issued a key. That is the reason they tell us it is about broke. I am not for a bail out of anyone or anything by the government, rich or poor, because the working people of this country will be paying for it. That is why we have the right to say no on this bill. We just need the people of this great nation to be brave enough to stand up and say we are not going to take this anymore! And for those elected officials to start working for all the people, which should come first without partisanship, they need to vote their conscience - or maybe they don't have one - instead of the way their big contributors want.

- - -

I would just like to say all the blame is getting put on the president, the problems that's there. Well, excuse me, he does not have that power. There's too many Democrats in Congress, too many Democrats in the House of Representatives that say no or yes on something. If the president could just go out and make a decision, yes or no, then we could blame him. But it's the little people underneath him that have the power, not really the president.

- - -

Ridiculous! Where do you get that President Bush and all the Republicans caused this mess? Clinton started it back in '94 signing where people could get fat loans for homes they couldn't and still can't afford all through Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. That's the housing problem yet. The top names on millions of dollars from Fannie Mae - Obama, Kerry and the Clintons. The do nothing Senate and Congress could have stopped this mess long ago. The president can't do these things alone, it has to pass Congress on so forth. It's been going downhill ever since the Democrats got the majority. Like it or not, they're to blame.

Out of your mind

This is in response to the person who wrote in SpeakOut, More babies more money, that women are having babies to get more welfare money. Are you out of your mind? I think so!