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SpeakOut 10-13

Monday, October 13, 2008

Not what it seems

I know I can trust you to stir the pot about this one. America's Got Talent just wrapped up and after a great season I'm thrilled for the winner Neil E. Boyd and the rest of the Top 5. But there was something interesting in the credits at the end of the show that was absent the rest of the season. It was a disclaimer explaining the $1 million prize that they have pumped and pumped and pumped this season. The disclaimer explained that the cash prize was in the form of an annuity, which is payable to the winner over 40 years. If you do the math that works out to about $2,083.33 per month! Maybe they should pay them in beans, or rice the way the economy is going - maybe wheat..or chickens? I'd like to know what Simon Cowell and the rest of the producers have made on the show over the last number of months - in the 10's of millions I'm sure. You're not going to change anyone's life for, give or take, $2,000 a month. If you gave them $1,000,000 to invest now - then maybe in 40 years they'd have some pocket money, or they could draw on the interest and have at least something to live on. This is ludicrous! If the viewing public knew how badly screwed these acts were getting they'd be like me - and never watch the show again. They're not going to make a dime off of me - nor will I spend another dime on any of the sponsors of the show. It's time people started getting what is claimed to be given in prize money, and networks stopped making 100's of millions on reality programming that so cowardly doesn't even take care of the people they so boldly promote and make money off of. I truly hope you will share my outrage. Jamie Gripich, Victoria, BC

Seriously disturbed

There have been occasions when I've thought SpeakOut to be suddenly infused with a significant degree of rationality and reason. However, I am cured of such foolish delusions when confronted with a comment coming from an obviously serious and seriously disturbed caller, claiming Barack Obama is the anti-Christ.

Insane caller

After taking a self-imposed leave of absence from calling SpeakOut that has lasted a decade, I made a bold decision to once again submit comments for possible publication. My reasons are threefold. (1) I believe more than ever that anonymous speech allows one to be less restrained in what he/she believes to be the truth. (2) The recent petition drive headed by members of the local establishment to try to silence anonymous speech angered me because of its transparently obvious attempt to intimidate and silence the little guy, the least among us and the powerless. (3) Third, and by far most significantly, I am a perfect fit for SpeakOut because there is no longer any lingering doubt that I am certifiably insane.

Stopped in its tracks

The city needs to take a serious look at the train issue in town. These trains coming through at peak traffic hours are a huge inconvenience to a lot of people. Today was a perfect example. At 8 a.m. the coal train had come to a complete stop and had traffic backed up for blocks. This is having an effect on people's jobs because they are late to work because of this and also affecting the children going to school. I saw a bus loaded with kids having to turn around in a parking lot because the train was blocking the intersection. Not only is time being lost, but additional gas is being wasted because of this. A person should not have to make a special route to go around a train just because of their poor planning. Maybe we should all start sending a bill to BMU for our additional mileage.


The Democratic nominee this year will laugh in the face of the Democrats when he is voted in office. He's a citizen of Kenya. He's also helped his cousin in Kenya run for president in 2006, who is a Muslim and about to turn Kenya into a Muslim state. The Democrats need to wake up and realize Barack Obama is not for the United States. He's for Kenya, he's for Muslims. Democrats need to open their eyes up and realize if he gets in office he will laugh in their face.

Well-mannered and well-deserved

I just wanted to thank America and Sikeston for voting for Neal Boyd on America's Got Talent. America knows real talent and stood behind him. I met this young man when he came to my home with my daughter and her friends. He was the only one that stopped and introduced himself and shook our hand. This left a lasting, positive impression. I also think America has their next Pavarotti and I think his mother has raised a wonderful son. Congratulations.

Revelation for idiots

I am so sick of you idiots out there who pass off as truth this nonsense that Obama is the anti-Christ. Here's the truth for dummies, you can look it up if you can read. No. 1 - it's the book of Revelation, not Revelations. No 2 - It not only has no physical description describing a man in his 40s of Muslim descent as being the anti-Christ. It doesn't even use the term anti-Christ. The Book of Revelation was completed hundreds of years before Islam became a religion. So, it would be farfetched if the word Muslim would even be mentioned. No. 3 - The Book of Revelation does describe a beast who would bring war and destruction to us. That would be a lot more descriptive of George Bush than anyone else on today's scene.

Now is the time

I would like to thank Lourie Burke of New Madrid for her letter to the editor. She has a lot of guts putting her name on a controversial but very true opinion piece. I too have considered myself a Republican for years, but I definitely have my doubts about this election - and for the same reasons Lourie Burke described in her letter. When I express my doubts in public, I'm shouted down by rabid Republicans that basically tell me that now is not the time for independent thinking. I disagree. It is crucial that we all forget what club we belong to, what our club leaders think we should think and say and what television program we should be watching to get our daily programming. I don't like where this country has been the past few years and I think Obama is the best we have right now for changing this country for the better. Again, thank you Lourie Burke for your bravery.

Look to find a reason to believe

To the person who considered Barack Obama to be the anti-Christ. Please, get real. Find a real reason not to vote for him and then we'll talk.