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SpeakOut 10-15

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ace is the place

What has happened to Ace Building Systems? They got all that money from the state of Missouri and it doesn't look like they've done any sort of work. It definitely doesn't look like they're employing 50 people.

Ace Building Systems' Sikeston facility is out of business, so you are correct: they are not employing 50 people. As for the money, in November we published a report that the Missouri Department of Economic Development had approved $239,511 in tax credits over a five-year period for Ace Building Systems. The tax credits could have been applied to income tax, had they remained in business. There was reportedly a $720,000 loan from the state that was personally guaranteed by Simon Halliday, general manager and owner of Ace Building Systems. As of press time, we were unable to reach Halliday for comment. The last time we reached Halliday for comment regarding a similar SpeakOut, he declined to offer any comment.

I believe

The whole is bigger than the sum of its parts. If you are going to believe in the decades long political and philosophical musings of Mike Jensen, you must do so completely or not at all. There is no middle ground. Me? Today, I accept all of his teachings - all of them. Tomorrow - who knows?

Vote for wants

Vote Republican if you want more tax breaks for big oil as gas prices soar. Vote Republican if you want a health care system that is more profitable for insurers but less affordable to consumers. Vote Republican if you want continued isolation from other countries because of our foreign policies. Vote Republican if you are for policy supporting fat cats on wall street while ignoring main street. Vote Republican if you want more loss of good paying jobs. Vote Republican if you want increased cost of a college education. Vote Republican if you want a more deeply divided country. Vote Republican if you want continued erosion of the middle class. Vote Republican if you want more medicare and medicaid cuts. Vote Republican if you want judicial appointments based on far right ideology. Vote Republican if you want more soaring food prices. Vote Republican if you want less and less employer sponsored health care. Vote Republican if you want continued corruption and wrong doings. Vote McCain and all you will get is a continuation of the Bush administration. Eight years is enough - time for a change. God bless Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I'm voting Democrat. Democrats care.

Takes a genius

If you don't have a minimum I.Q. of 160, you are wasting your time trying to comprehend the consistent veracity of the columns of Mike Jensen.

What a weenie

It's the weekend in Sikeston, and our family cookout has been ruined. It seems that the Obama campaign descended upon all of the local grocery stores like vultures and bought up every last package of hot dog buns. This occurred when the stores would not receive any bread shipments for two to three days. To me, this shows total lack of respect and consideration to the local consumers and very poor planning by the Obama campaign. They should have made arrangements to buy the bread direct from the bread vendors or at least informed the local stores so that they could have the extra bread on hand. This demonstrates another reason why not to vote for Obama. He doesn't plan or think ahead with any concern for the average American, and if you are not careful, he will take the bread right off of your table.

Did it up right

The person who said he had never submitted a SpeakOut comment before but was going to because of something to do with the Cotton Carnival parade more that made up for having never commented before. In length, the comment equalled and, perhaps, surpassed in length, the entire Encyclopedia Britannica.

Small town success

I was so happy to see Neal win. He does have talent. I only pray he will be able to continue to use it and give back to his mother some of the love she has given to him. It is great when you hear about success from a small town that was only 22 minutes east of Dexter. Good luck to Neal and I know there is more talent to come from the state of Missouri. Kathy Scism - Germantown, Tenn.

Red doesn't mean go

This is to the idiot driving the white van that nearly caused a serious accident today at 7:15 a.m. at the intersection of Malone and Pine St., you know who you are. There is a reason that the city places stoplights in its town, and red definitely does not mean Go!!

Justifiable vote

I want to SpeakOut to the punks who stole my McCain yard sign on Sunday night. If you feel this is the proper and fair way an election should be conducted, perhaps you should relocate to a country where free speech and the right to vote one's preference isn't the norm. Your behavior certainly didn't change my opinion on whom I'm voting for, if anything it justified it.

Turn off the water

This is about the city of Charleston. Would you people who are running the water to freshen up the yard and to get the grass to come back out, which is in a dormant stage right now - it's not going to do you any good - so why waste the water? Turn your water hose off. We have a good deal over here in Charleston on our water, our sewer and trash pick-up. Don't ruin it! If it comes to it they have to ask for a raise, you are going to be the first ones to b*&%#! So turn your water off. You're not helping a thing.

Stay requested

Everybody in this town is so thrilled, including myself, that Neal won America's Got Talent. I think the one thing that we ought to be ashamed of is the fact that someone in this town did not get his mother there for the finale. I don't think there's anybody in this town that wouldn't have given so she could see her son win. There's a prominent banker in this town that was promoting Neal E. Boyd - America's Got Talent. Why didn't this prominent banker see that she got there? If everybody in this town that loved Neal would have given a dollar or five dollars, she could have been there to see Neal win it. As proud as Neal was to mention his hometown every time he was on the air, why couldn't this town have been proud enough of him to send his mother to that finale?

In the Oct. 2 story on the front page of the Standard Democrat, Mrs. Boyd states that Neal had requested she stay home because he would be unable to protect her from the frenzy if he won.