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SpeakOut 10-17

Friday, October 17, 2008

Gay is not the way

If the man in SpeakOut who said he was gay and thinks he was born that way, why did God destroy Soddom and Gomorrah - because that's where all the gays lived.

- - -

This is in response to the Gay by nature comment on Oct. 6. I'd just like to say to the person that is gay, is a professional person and a resident of Sikeston, like somehow this gives his view more clout than God's word. He says he is a Christian and goes to church regularly, and he says he was born this way. I would just ask him to read God's Word, what God's Word says about the abomination that homosexuality is. Why would he destroy Soddom and Gomorrah for their sin of homosexuality. Reflect on that. Do you think God would give you a gene that would make you in a way that He would condemn and burn you in hell for? I don't care how educated you are, no logical person could come up with an answer any other than this is not the way God made you. Your Clinton Administration, which everybody loves, in the 1990s he commissioned a search to break down the gene code. And he did, after millions of dollars and years of study. They were gonna find and prove to the world what this man is stating. Guess what? They did not find a gay gene. This is a lie that's been manufactured and perpetuated by the homosexual agenda. I'm tired of reading about people who think they are so educated that we have to take their assertions as fact when it is nothing but a bold-faced lie.

- - -

In the Oct. 6 SpeakOut, Gay by nature. First of all, to the gay college educated resident who is a professional, God could care less about your professionalism. You said you were a Christian. The world Christian means Christ-like. In the Bible there are many, many places that gay is not Christ-like. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. You might want to go back and read your Bible on that, Bud.

- - -

Oct. 6 SpeakOut, man says he was born gay. Sir, with all due respect, you weren't born gay - you chose to be gay. We all have the choice. Does God love gay people - yes. But God hates sins. We all have to come to the cross the same. None of us are born Christians either, we choose to be. You said someone didn't have the facts. If you are a professional, nature itself tells you homosexuality is wrong. The Bible tells us it's an abomination for men to lie with animals or men with other men. It doesn't matter what you think. It doesn't matter what I think. It matters what sayeth the Lord. Nobody is judging you. I do have the facts - God judges all of us. What goes around does come around. That's one statement you had right. It's good that you have a college education though!

Close surprise

I know this is a conservative state, but I'm still surprised that the presidential and governor races are this close. The party that failed John Kerry in 2004 as a candidate and John McCain have flip-flopped on all the major issues. The party has said that all we need is six more months in Iraq. The party that claims to support the troops has a candidate that voted against the GI Bill. The party that claims to be pro-life screams about the horrors of abortion, yet refuses to support commonsense programs like sex ed and contraception and they slash public health benefits as well. Barack Obama has shown wise judgment in his life. He knew from the start that the war in Iraq was a mistake, while McCain said we would be greeted as liberators. It's time to vote Democratic, for governor and president.

Everybody's a comedian

Isn't it odd that the Republicans blame all this mess we're in on the Democrats when the Democrats weren't even in office. That stupid idiot Bush has been in there for eight years. Republicans think they do no wrong. How stupid do they think the people are? I'm going to draw everything I have in stocks and in the bank out. At least I'll have that and won't lose it. The government won't get it. Palin needs to be a comedian instead of a vice president. She better stick to being a hockey mom and wearing lipstick. She would be better at that. We don't want another Republican.

Payment plan

In Tuesday's paper someone called in and saying that if McCain is 80 years old the taxpayer don't have to pay him after he serves 8 years but was telling how much it would cost for Obama. I see a question mark here? What about Bush? How much are we going to have to pay him until he is 80? And if McCain wins and dies after he becomes president, then that will leave Sara, and how much will the taxpayer have to pay her until she is 80? And don't forget McCain has got cancer severe but don't want everyone to know. And in a magazine he also shows sign of not having a good memory. I guess what you're saying it is okay to pay the Republican but not the Democrat right?All I can say is when you wake up and add up how much Sara and McCain will cost you and the elderly, then you might be able to smell the coffee.

Not impressed

I know a lot of people who say they can't vote for a black man, but I don't know why. I'm going to vote for Barack Obama - he's the man. I sure can't vote for McCain, he's another Bush, and Palin is another Cheney. She will do anything for a vote. She doesn't impress me at all.

Thanks for the scarecrow

I would like to thank whoever brought the scarecrow to Restore, the pre-owned store in Bertrand, to replace the one was stolen. It was a very thoughtful thing for you to do. It reminds me that there are a lot of nice, wonderful people out there. God bless you and thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Oh, brother

This is a huge distinction. It was not John McCain who said the residents of northern Virginia are Communists. It was his brother. Of course, they are pals.

Just people

A.C.O.R.N. didn't cause this. What caused this was people living beyond their means. Personal responsibility goes a long way to solve our problems. As an admission I don't have any credit. There are families that don't have that option but I grew up with "We can't afford that." Phil Gramm was right - we are a nation of whiners. All I see in SpeakOut is "I'm not gettin' mine or read your Bible." Treat everyone the same. Say hello or how are you - we say howdy in Texas. Look out for each other no matter race or ethnicity. You are just people. Gary Dunn - Houston, Texas

Sign thieves

This is to the adult men, driving the red four-door pickup truck: Please stop stealing Obama signs from people's yards. Signage for a political candidate is a protected freedom and it is also illegal to steal. I wonder how much the cost of all of those stolen signs would total? Would that be a misdemeanor? Grow up and stay out of my neighborhood!

Free - but for how long

Well, it is no wonder we have an economic crisis in the U.S. The government spends money like it will never run out. They dole out checks to millions of foreigners that move here, then won't work for a living. No wonder they want to move to America - they get a free ride. We keep dealing with places like China that seem to be trying to kill us with poison in toys, dog food, paint, candy and even milk for their own children. What can the ordinary person do about this? Well, we can exercise our right to vote, but so much of the time what is promised in the campaign never materializes after the election. I love this country and still very fortunate to live here, but every year things worse. I just wonder how much longer we will remain a free and Democratic nation.


I'm just wondering if Barack Obama was a white man, how many blacks would support him. That's all. Thanks.

Care for what is right

Some say Republicans think they are God's chosen party. No - they do not. The choices made by the Democratic party and its elected officials in recent years have been sorely opposed to Christian teaching. Those of us who believe that we must serve God first and then country have not been given a party choice. Obama has said it was okay to murder an aborted child who was born alive. And you want to elect him president? I for one cannot choose this kind of immorality. That doesn't mean I think I am God's chosen one any more than we all are. It just means I care what is right and good more than which party I belong to. March with us. Vote McCain.