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SpeakOut 10-19

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just because

Just because a person is pro-choice, does not mean that they are pro-abortion.

Into the looking glass

Corrupt CEO's and other assorted fat cats who may wonder why America is rapidly evolving into a European style democratic socialist country need only look in the mirror.

The devil's advocate

I want to start out by saying that I am not a Christian. The Bible is a storybook. When you die that is it. There is no coming back to life. But for you people that believe in God and the Bible,you are about to elect the anti-Christ, Barack Obama, the devil's advocate.

Interesting book

Every American should read the book "The Final Move Beyond Iraq."

Hey, big spender

Mr. Jensen, I would like to know, seeing as you blame the Democrats for all this trouble, what did Mr. Bush do in the eight years that he was there - other than spend millions and billions of dollars on a war that he started?

Trees took leave

Now that all the Bradford pear trees are gone in front of the Drury Inn, it looks a lot nicer. Now maybe it's time for the Highway Department to finally do something about the drainage on the highway along there, which would be a big help for motorists.

Two times a queen

I was calling regarding the SpeakOut comment, Two times tiara. Someone was wondering if anyone had ever been Junior Miss Sikeston and Miss Sikeston. Right off hand, I know of two girls that have been - Brittany McDonald and Amanda Gilmore. Brittany graduated in 1999, and Amanda in 1998.

Always lacking in education

Education will never have enough money. I have been a voter for more than 50 years and that has always been the case. The great champions boasting to correct this problem, that would be the lottery and river boat casinos, they have failed to do anything about this. Guess what? If Proposition A passed next month, allowing gamblers to lose even more money, education will still need more money. No nation on earth spends more money on education than we do, yet our present educational outcome continues to deteriorate internationally. There is no automatic improvement made from the amount of money we spend. Despite all that is being said in the presidential campaign, this problem will persist as it always has. We will have the same old, same old grinding away out of the nation's schools because the same old people in the Department of Education and the teachers' union hierarchy and publicly financed educational research groups will continue to call the signals. They haven't changed their horse or their minds. So if you're thinking about voting yes on Proposition A as a benefit to your children's educational well-being, don't do it. It's just another special interest gimmick to make more money and to limit future competition, but disguised as a friend of education.

Welcome to the party

I'd like to share a story I heard the other day. It's about a girl in college and she came home for a Christmas break. Her father asked her how school was going. She said it was great and that she had a professor that was active in the Democratic party and he had really been opening her eyes to the party - how they were for the poor people and Republicans weren't. The father asked how her grades were and she told him her grades were going good, she had a 4.0, straight A's. Then he asked how her roommate's grades were and she said they weren't very good because all she did was party, she never went to school and skipped class. Asked what kind of GPA she had - it was a 2.0. He asked her why she didn't give her one of her 1.0's and that way they would both have a 3.0. She said that wasn't fair. He said welcome to the Republican party.

It's a cover up

I'm one of the punks that stole the McCain sign out of your yard - for that I am sorry. We weren't doing it because we didn't want you to vote for McCain. We took all the signs that were collected to the Democratic headquarters and we covered up Obama signs with McCain's. Even though I'm not old enough to vote, I'm still smart enough to know that we don't want Obama. God bless America.

Making sense of it all

I was reading your article, Mike Jensen, and I have a question for you. What commonsense do you have? If you don't know the truth by now, you never will. Greed has caused this problem. Bankers set traps and people build houses that cost three times more than they will ever get out of them. They open the door with no credit check and tell them to just come right on in and we'll take your arm and leg. The banks caused it. Selfishness. Just charge and borrow, charge and borrow. And you have the nerve to tell me that you blame this on Clinton? When Clinton was in at least we had a surplus and the budget was balanced. Answer me a question, would they give us a $870 billion bailout to help the poor people and to help the homeless? They wouldn't do that. They would give it to the corrupt people to bail the rich people out. I know President Reagan is your hero, give to the rich and provide jobs for the poor.