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SpeakOut 10-22

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lost keys

I lost some keys on Oct. 8 with a purple tag on them. If you will return them, I will give you a reward. Call 471-5684.

Reagan's the reason

Reagan is the reason things are the way they are today. He was a pathetic president.

More than two

It has been reported that these same "robbers" could have been involved in the attack over around Southeast Missouri State University last week as well. There are also a few more altercations that people are reporting that are not being released. It is said to be two black men in a white van. I know that the reports have come from friends or family of the victims and have been WAY more than two. Why is everyone so reluctant to report on this?

Hang 'em high

I hope whoever stole my clothes pins and their container is happy. I may not know who did it, but God knows. It's not the cost of the clothes pins or the container, but it's the idea that people can walk on your property and steal things right behind your back.

Going down

I just read Mr. Jensen's comment on the presidential candidates. I think Obama or McCain will not take us any farther down than the Bush's have done or past presidents considering things are already very bad.

Groceries for $1

I was wondering if the paper could find out why you have to give $1 donation to the people at Lilbourn to get food from the food bank. Why do we have to give a donation to get food at the food bank? I am disabled. I was getting my commodities at the Lilbourn location and they told me I was too young. I took my husband's ID up there, he's 62 and disabled. They made me give a $1 donation before I could get the food. I know the taxpayers have already paid for that food, so why do we have to pay twice to get the food? I called up there and nobody would give me a straight answer. I don't think anyone should have to be made to give a donation. I don't believe the food bank gets the money.

Look and learn

My child attends the Kindergarten Center and the policy for picking up the children in the morning and afternoon is waiting in a line. It's not relatively very long, but there is car after car going through to pick up their child. It is a very safe way of doing it. Day after day I see parents that do not abide by the rules and pass everyone up that are waiting patiently in line to pick up their child. Even though it is warm and sometimes cold outside, they pull right up to the door and go in and pick up their children. How does this teach our children anything about waiting in line and going to school waiting their turn? How does this teach our children to be responsible and follow the rules if the parents won't abide by the rules? That's the reason our children turn out the way that they do. It's all in how you raise your kids and what they see you do.

Rise and fall

Job losses coming. Missouri's new program to raise minimum wage be 40 cents an hour and we're going into a recession. Great thinking state of Missouri voters!

Fit this

Better get busy, Mike. McCain supporters are in the awkward position of having to defend the senator's socialist, taxpayer financed solutions for a bailout since so many Republicans seem to be so favorably disposed to free market solutions. As far as I know, Mike Jensen is the only one I know who can fit a square peg into a round hole.

Adding fuel to the fire

Mike, you are in a position of power, influence and responsibility. You must inform your readership that they do not have to be afraid of an Obama presidency. Many of your readers are just now waking up to the fact that Obama might be elected president. Frankly, a lot of them are frightened. Please be reassuring and don't add fuel to the fire.