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Thankfully Rays end Red Sox season

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's official. This will be the last week of the Volunteers hat for a while, barring any double-or-nothing bets with my father. Enjoy it fellow fans, I feel your pain.

It's also official that 'the Nation' is out in the MLB playoffs. Thank you Rays and thank you ESPN for not having the glory of the Red Stinks trying to defend their title. I couldn't stomach channel 42 for two whole days after Tampa Bay blew a seven run lead in the late innings of game five. Ask the sports department for details of my Red Sox sickness.

Attention Kelly Lady Hawk fans, I'll see you this weekend, and I promise I'll re-emphasize my already stated claim that the BoSox would not repeat as champions of the world. Kind of odd that we call it world champions in American sports, when really all we're winning is a national title. Just random thoughts to ponder on this wonderful hump day.

I think part of the reason that Boston couldn't pull off the victory was the vibe I was putting off, donned in all Yankee apparel Sunday evening. I felt like it was my duty to be a Red Sox hater, and took on my role as a dedicated anti-fan to 'the Nation.'

Speaking of Kelly High School, the Lady Hawks are heading north of Kansas City to the home of the Pony Express to once again shoot towards a state title. It's been since 2004 that the maroon and gold brought home the state-shaped trophy etched with a No. 1, and this year is as good a year as any, especially if I'm traveling that far north of Benton. The Heritage Park facilities in St. Joseph look nice on the web, and hopefully it will provide a great atmosphere to win a championship.

Before I forget, there were also a few Lady Hawk fans that were chirping in my ear about Mizzou whooping up on Texas on the gridiron Saturday night. What happened fellas? I listened to that game all the way home from Ballwin and I never saw the Tigers on top. Pretty sure it didn't happen, and I'm pretty sure I called it. The good news is, this week looks like a W against Colorado, maybe.

Glad I didn't get a new hat like so many of you Tiger fans have requested while out on the job. Money's hard to come by these days and I've been informed by my wife not to 'waste any more money.' Apparently we have things called bills. I thought that was only a team in the NFL.

Speaking of money, the Cardinals now have a little bit more of it due in part to two new things happening at the ballpark. One, they raised the prices of tickets to watch a fourth place team, in the division that is, and two, they finally shucked Mark 'I can't pitch today, I'm tired, injured, etc.' Mulder. In the previous two seasons, Mulder pitched 12 games. In case you missed the last figure, I said 12 games. Good riddance, huh Cards fans? I know one co-worker that won't miss him being in the non-rotation that he participated in each week. His wife missed 'the Eck' though. If I had time I'd elaborate on a rather humorous point about the artist formerly known as the Redbird shortstop, but, this is going to be a quick weekly reading.

Sikeston is preparing for Poplar Bluff on Friday evening. There's two weeks to go before playoff football is decided officially. Good luck Bulldogs against the Mules. It's sure to be a good one.

Good luck to the Lady Hawks at the state tournament. Marion C. Early fell to you last season in the consolation bracket, and if you want another shot at the Lady Panthers of Palmyra, here's your chance. I'll keep you posted.

Stay tuned for next week's column. New apparel is coming to a sports desk near you, well, near me. Have a good one.