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SpeakOut 10-27

Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't be misled

I have read with interest the many comments both for and against Mr. Obama. I do believe with all my heart that he says things that are wrong, and that he is indeed a Muslim. Not that I hate Muslims, just because of the World Trade Center, and their many acts of violence and their out and out hatred of "non-believer heathens" that they are duty bound to convert or kill. I do not fault the man for the color of his skin, for he had no choice of that any more than any of us. His father abandoned him and is a Muslim. He changed his name and has Muslim contacts and contacts in the Middle East that were made promises if he were elected president. I do not say McCain is perfect and all powerful, but more in touch with America and American values... example partial birth abortion and right to life issues that Mr. McCain supports. I honestly, as an American I cannot in clear conscience vote for this antichrist Osama Obama. I would hate to do it, but it he were elected, I would seriously consider leaving the nation of my birth and going to just about anywhere else. I would hang my head in shame and say yes, we ruined our country forever more by this critical mistake. Please do not be misled - any vote for anyone else is a vote for freedom and the preservation of our nation, not the destruction of the land our forefathers fought worked and died for. Please vote American.

Have some cake

So Mike, with the financial crisis we are facing now, you have the audacity to label Sen. Obama's political positions as Socialist. It is really amazing that you would say that in the light of the fact that Congress just passed a $700 billion bail out bill for the financial market. This is so typical of Republicans and you would be hard pressed to provide a clear explanation of the difference in YOUR position on Socialism compared to Webster's definition of Socialism. You Republicans don't see anything wrong with practicing Socialism when we are bailing out the corporations and the well-heeled, but don't you dare push for universal affordable health care for the middle class and the poor, because that is .. uh, Socialism! You can't preach Capitalism and call for less government interference and deregulation, and when you get in trouble, holler for that SAME government to bail you out on one side of your mouth, and on the other side of your mouth, rail against anything that attempts to benefit the poor and middle class. Let's be real - both are examples of Socialism. What the GOP is really saying is that you want to have your cake and eat it too.

Vote tax

It seems clear there is a lot of corruption these days when it comes to voter registration - the same people registering numerous times using multiple names. It is obvious this process is not working. Most of the focus seems to be on the economy and what is going to happen to our tax dollars. Over and over politicians refer to doing what is right for the taxpayer. I have a problem with the fact that people who get a welfare check have the same voting rights as working people. What a messed up system. Think - if a business is in financial trouble, would it make sense to seek out the least productive employee to help solve the crisis? I think each person attempting to vote should simply supply the proof that they pay taxes in the first place. I know people that get a welfare check and are able to work. It makes me furious that their vote counts just as much as mine. Of course people like that want businesses to pay more taxes - it secures their survival!

Scared quiet

As a lifelong resident of the west side of Sikeston, the thought of them closing any street or any railroad off for a quiet zone scares me to death. There have been multiple times we've had incidents over here when the police could not get to us. Thank God we have a fire station over here now. But do you know whenever the train comes through, the police have to notify someone to get an officer over here if there is someone available? If there's not, they can't get over here. I've heard repeatedly calls to the police on this end of town and they couldn't get here because they were stopped by a train. To me it would be worse if we had to close a street, especially William or Ruth, just so we could have a quiet zone. Yes, I do hate the sound of the train. Yes, they do disturb me and they wake me up and they rattle my house. To me, I'm willing to give up that little bit just to know that there are medical and police and firemen to get to me if needed. I say no to closing these streets for a quiet zone, absolutely not!

Steal my sign, please

Based on how things are going for John McCain, I wish someone would put me out of my misery and steal my McCain sign.

Rises fast, drops slowly

I can remember when oil was $89 dollars a barrel and it was only $1.50 for a gallon of gasoline. I'd like to know why it's $2.79 instead of $1.50? I think we're being gouged. They take their sweet time lowering it down, but it don't take them till the next day to get it real high. Somebody needs to check it out and find out why it's so high.

Cut it out

You all keep cutting things out that I say and I want it all printed. I said that John McCain signed a confession during the Vietnam War once he was taken prisoner claiming it was all the United State's fault and that's treason. That's really treason to me and it should be to you. We had a president that went AWOL while he was in service, and we've got another one running for president that signed a confession blaming the United States, and he's old and he's got signs of Alzheimers. Do you really want an old man in to be president? Do you really think he's going to be good for your healthcare? Think again. I'm telling you the truth. Medicaid and Medicare will be cut out and you will have to start paying your hospital bill. You will be taxed every time you use the hospital. We need a change, someone who cares about the poor and the middle-class.

No true statesmen

In response to the letter in SpeakOut about the 545 people who run our government (lives). Amen and amen. But where would we find 545 qualified people to replace them? There are no true statesmen anymore, except one, Colin Powell. He would most certainly get my vote any time.

Empty promises

This Democratic candidate you so love is a Muslim, like it or not. He even slipped up in an interview and said, "People are against me for my Muslim religion. Oh, I mean Christian religion." His problem is not being half-black, it's being a fake and a liar as you'll see if he gets in. He has some very bad pals, terrorists and anti-American friends. He is very much behind this crooked ACORN outfit. It is sad in our great country that millions of votes may be counted with false addresses and everything else - all because of his ACORN bunch. We can't trust him as a president. What a sorry nation we'll be under him. He will not be cutting taxes like he says, because it can't be done and do all the things he promises. Democrats are pretending to go along with drilling for our own resources. They are just saying it to get votes. Obama's ideas and lies will make America look like a very undesirable nation, not a superior nation.

Bang, bang

If you want your guns taken away and gas prices to keep going up, vote Democrat.