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Kelly put on good show at final four

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

It's been a long week since my last column and a whole lot has happened since we last chatted. First things first, I'm ecstatic that my father, yeah, the Bama fan, got great news at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. He's now tumor free and on the road to a clean bill of health, and a solid winning season following the stinking Crimson Tide. Speaking of which, notice the one-week lid. I lost the bet, but it's making an appearance one time only, especially after the heckling I got from the news room.

Second, I traveled to the ends of the earth, or at least the ends of Missouri, to watch the Kelly Lady Hawks in the Class 2 state softball championships. They took second, but it wasn't like a 'second place is the first loser' type of loss. These girls were a pretty tight family and they proved throughout the entire season what it's like to win and lose as a team.

After a brief moment of tears on Saturday afternoon, the girls were all smiles as they posed for pictures and spoke with reporters about their season. Once again, it was a fun group to watch and follow as a reporter/photographer, and they proved that they're still one of the top teams in Class 2. I had a great time hanging out with the traveling parents and friends of the Lady Hawks and it's sure to be another solid season in 2009 under the guidance of head coach Rhonda Ratledge.

The Kelly lineup will look quite different next season as they'll definitely be missing the outgoing senior class of Heather Beggs, Brittany Brantley, Casey Kern, Katee Moore, Jessica Riley and Lana Whitworth. Each senior brought a lot to the table for the Lady Hawks and there will be big shoes to fill in both the outfield and infield in 2009. It's a good thing the JV squad was pretty salty as well.

More news from the past week, the World Series has been going on in a sense. They forgot to check the forecast for massive downpours of rain before Monday's game however, and the series has been pushed around until who knows when. Maybe they'll be playing when you read this. Hopefully the Rays can turn it on in the remaining innings of Game 5 or they'll be traveling back to Tampa Bay to the golf course earlier than expected.

The NFL season trudges on as they've now gone through Week 8 in the season, arrests and all. Hey, there's at least one a week right? In all seriousness though, I once was a Tennessee Titans hater, simply because I was on a Rams bandwagon at the time, I was younger, but now I've considered sipping the Titan Kool-Aid. Not really diving into the whole pitcher just yet, but they're a pretty good football team and surprisingly fun to watch. Not to mention the fact that they're within driving distance to go watch if I ever considered doing so.

Speaking of the St. Louis Rams, they're making an impressive comeback to what some feared could potentially turn into a near winless season. Though they lost a tough one last week in New England, the Rams are turning it around and are making each game more interesting since their head coach was ousted.

And last but certainly not least, the cold weather has arrived, at least for the time being. When I started north to St. Joe on Thursday evening, it wasn't too bad outside, but by the time I hit a gas station at Columbia to grab an energy drink the wind started whipping pretty good and a few hours later unloading suitcases, I began to chill pretty quickly. Friday morning's semifinal game was the first time I saw myself 'breathe smoke' as I call it and I, along with other attendants at the game, had to thaw out once I finally got back to my car. I guess it's that time of year again, so bundle up folks and dig out your space heaters. Enjoy the football weather, as I like to call it.

As for high school football, the final week of the regular season will take place on Thursday night this week, and no, not because of Halloween as some forum posters on the net have asked. It always happens this way, it's not so the high school kids can get out and trick-or-treat on Friday evening.

Sikeston is looking for a playoff bid with a win over Farmington on the road, and a few other interesting scenarios to play out, which I have no clue how or where to begin to explain. Just stay tuned is the advice I can give. NMCC and East Prairie are both looking to seal district titles up on Thursday as well, but they both control their own destiny and are champs with just a win. Eat it up, it's almost basketball season and the pigskin will soon be shut up in the closet for a few months. I'll see you next week, good luck to all.