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Procedure is new option in liposuction process

Monday, November 3, 2008

Dr. Ken Stone prepares the LipoLite machine for a procedure. Stone noted the LipoLite instrument is much smaller than instruments used by traditional liposuction procedures.
(Photo by Scott Welton, Staff)
Fewer complications are experienced with LipoLite

SIKESTON -- A local doctor is offering an exclusive option for fighting the battle of the bulge.

Dr. Ken Stone's Skin Medics Medi-Spa Clinic is now offering LipoLite.

"It's laser-assisted liposuction," said Kiley Adams, spa technician for the clinic. "There's nobody else in this area that has LipoLite. It is the newest procedure out there and is FDA approved."

"I think we've had some excellent results," Stone said. "Everybody is extraordinarily pleased with the results."

The Food and Drug Administration has approved the procedure for both skin tightening and fat reduction, according to Stone. "And results are permanent," he said.

"We've had people lose three to four pant sizes in one treatment," Adams said.

Adams said LipoLite is different than traditional liposuction in two important ways.

One is that there are less complications because patients are not put to sleep during the procedure, she said. The second difference is that LipoLite is less traumatic to the patient's body as the fat-removing instruments are smaller.

"We take a lot more time, a lot more focus on the area so Dr. Stone is more sculpting with his procedure as opposed to just sucking fat out," Adams said. "And it's not painful to have it done."

She said lipodissolve injections are more painful than the LipoLite procedure.

The cost varies depending on the area of the body. Adams said the cost for an abdomen treatment typically ranges from $2,800 to $4,000 while traditional liposuction would cost $6,000 to $10,000.

The most common areas of the body for LipoLite procedures are the neck, arms, abdomen, flank, inner and outer thigh and back, according to Adams.

Stone recommends patients that elect to have a LipoLite procedure also have a VelaShape treatment.

VelaShape uses infrared light and radio frequencies on the surface of the skin to smooth cellulite and shrink fat cells.

"We use them in conjunction with each other but they can be used separately," Adams said. "VelaShape is a circumferential reduction and cellulite reduction procedure for body contouring. VelaShape is a non-invasive procedure and LipoLite is a surgical procedure."

Where traditional liposuction can cause "dimpling," using LipoLite and VelaShape together tightens from both the inside and outside for better results, according to Adams.

Both of the procedures can be scheduled on Saturdays, she said, "and the patient is ready to be back at work Monday, so the patient can have it done without missing work."

For more for information or to schedule a free consultation, contact Adams at the clinic at 471-9990.