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SpeakOut (published 11/4)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Here's a tip

This is to the Super hopping in the Oct. 21 SpeakOut regarding the gentleman that waits on people as a carhop at Cream Castle. He does deserve a raise - I give him one every time I go get my food. It's called a bigger tip. He doesn't need a raise from his employer, he needs a raise from you.

No respect

Apparently you people don't have any respect for people in Sikeston. Other places have been selling their gas for $2.02. Why are we still $2.50? I guess I'll have to go out of town and buy my gas. For 50 cents a gallon cheaper, I can afford to go out of town.

Moving the bushes

I'm calling in to see if I can get somebody to tell me when the right time is to move rose bushes. I've got some big ones that need to be moved and took apart. Can anybody tell me the best time of the year to do that so I won't kill my bushes? Call 481-0470.

Exception to the rule

I'm calling to respond to the person who complained about people cutting in line at the Kindergarten Center day after day. I was one of those people last year who cut everyday. Because of my scheduling I had to get my children and be on my way everyday. Now my schedule has been changed and I wait in line everyday. There are some exceptions and reasons why people cannot wait in line. It's jobs, other children at other schools that have to be picked up, but there are reasons.

Smiley face

I would like to take this opportunity to speakout and thank the anonymous donor for donating your $75 to Dr. Chouinard, the dentist in Sikeston. You will never know how much this meant to this little girl. It's really caused her to smile and be very happy. I did not have the money for this. It was a Godsend. I truly believe that Medicaid is getting ready to pick this up over at Semo Health Network. It just goes to show you that there are some good people here in Sikeston and the surrounding area. You sure did make a little girl smile pretty today. Really do appreciate you and may God richly bless you.

Those pesky moles

Diazenon was the thing to use on your yard but it was regulated. Now you have to use other pest control products that I don't have the name of but they sell it at most feed and seed stores. You don't kill the moles. You kill their food source like grubs (their favorite) and they go away. It comes in bags and you broadcast it twice a year.