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Scott County: Rick Walter, Scott Amick re-elected

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Rick Walter
BENTON -- Scott County residents chose to keep their sheriff during Tuesday's Presidential Election.

Democratic incumbent Rick Walter will serve another four years as sheriff in Scott County as he defeated his Republican challenger Wes Drury, 11,059 votes to 6,695 votes.

The following votes were cast in each precinct: Absentee: Walter, 680, Drury, 389; Airport: Walter, 543, Drury, 368; Benton: Walter, 739, Drury, 354; Blodgett: Walter, 613, Drury, 344; Broadway: Walter, 372, Drury, 272; Chaffee: Walter, 991, Drury, 553; Commerce: Walter, 234, Drury, 91; Davis: Walter, 1,091, Drury, 836; Diehlstadt: Walter, 127, Drury, 55; Haywood City: Walter, 68, Drury, 6; Kelso: Walter, 311, Drury, 518; Kingshighway: Walter, 808, Drury, 477; McMullin: Walter, 66, Drury, 28; Miner: Walter, 570, Drury, 447; Morley: Walter, 337, Drury, 108; New Hamburg: Walter, 214, Drury, 160; Oran: Walter, 727, Drury, 229; Park: Walter, 281, Drury, 269; Perkins: Walter, 57, Drury, 33; Scott City: Walter, 1,113, Drury, 994; Vanduser: Walter, 109, Drury, 70; and West Malone: Walter, 1,008, Drury, 94.

According to Scott County Clerk Rita Milam , 18,240 of the county's 27,390 registered voters -- 66.59 percent -- cast ballots during the election. In comparison, during the 2004 Presidential election, 67.64 percent of the county's 26,022 registered voters turned out to the polls.

Scott Amick
"Overall, things went smooth," said Milam about election day. "Turnout was great."

Of the 1,160 people who requested absentee ballots, 1,118 cast votes Tuesday. Milam's office received more than 60 requests from people in the military, and two federal ballots were cast Tuesday.

"All the election judges had a hard day," Milam said. "It was very stressful. They worked long, hard hours to make it a success so I want to thank them and the office staff."

In another local race, Democratic challenger Donnie Kiefer, who received 6,181 votes, ousted Republican incumbent Ron McCormick, 3,392 votes, for the seat of second district commissioner. McCormick was appointed to the position by Gov. Matt Blunt when Jamie Burger vacated the seat to become presiding county commissioner.

The precinct breakdown of votes follows: Absentee: Kiefer, 330, McCormick, 232; Benton: Kiefer, 602, McCormick: 464; Blodgett: Kiefer, 399, McCormick, 432; Chaffee: Kiefer, 1,284, McCormick, 282; Commerce: Kiefer, 174, McCormick, 141; Diehlstadt: Kiefer, 68, McCormick, 113; Haywood City: Kiefer, 63, McCormick, 7; Kelso: Kiefer, 592, McCormick, 226; Morley: Kiefer, 235, McCormick, 198; New Hamburg: Kiefer, 289, McCormick, 79; Oran: Kiefer, 676, McCormick: 255; Perkins: Kiefer, 74, McCormick, 17; Scott City: Kiefer, 1,310, McCormick, 763; and Vanduser: Kiefer, 85, McCormick, 83.

Incumbent Scott Amick, a Democrat, will continue to serve as coroner as he beat Charles Matthew Huey, a Republican,12,433 votes to 4,892 votes.

Precinct breakdowns of the coroner's race include: Absentee: Amick, 723, Huey, 325; Airport: Amick, 560, Huey, 317; Benton: Amick, 802, Huey, 265; Blodgett: Amick, 542, Huey, 374; Broadway: Amick, 384, Huey, 247; Chaffee: Amick, 1,209, Huey, 325; Commerce: Amick, 260, Huey, 57; Davis: Amick, 1,134, Huey, 716; Diehlstadt: Amick, 103, Huey, 70; Haywood City: Amick, 66, Huey, 4; Kelso: Amick, 674, Huey, 140; Kingshighway: Amick, 801, Huey, 453; McMullin: Amick, 59, Huey, 28; Miner: Amick, 554, Huey, 437; Morley: Amick, 317, Huey, 122; New Hamburg: Amick, 294, Huey, 71; Oran: Amick, 751, Huey, 182; Park: Amick, 327, Huey, 211; Perkins: Amick, 71, Huey, 18; Scott City: Amick, 1,675, Huey, 413; Vanduser: Amick, 123, Huey, 46; and West Malone: Amick, 1,004, Huey, 71.

Scott County Democrats running without opposition as incumbents were; First District Associate County Commissioner Dennis E. Ziegenhorn, 6,938 votes; Assessor Teresa M. Houchin, 15,433 votes; and Public Administrator Pam Dirnberger, 15,302 votes. For surveyor, 1,055 write-in votes were cast.

In other local issues, a half-cent sales tax issue in Morley resulted in a tie with 166 yes votes to 166 no votes. A half-cent sales tax for parks in Chaffee was defeated, 680 no votes to 535 yes votes.

In the Presidential race, John McCain won the Scott County vote with 11,563 over Barack Obama who received 6,258 votes. Also receiving votes were Bob Barr, 61; Chuck Baldwin, 32; Ralph Nader, 112; and 56 write-ins.

Republican Kenny Hulshof was Scott County's favorite candidate for governor. He received 9,494 votes over Democrat Jay Nixon, who netted 8,142 votes. Libertarian Andrew W. Finkenstadt garnered 141 votes while CST candidate Gregory Thompson had 97 votes. There were nine write-in votes.

In the race for lieutenant governor, Republican Peter Kinder received 11,408 votes in Scott County followed by Democrat Sam Page, 5,986 votes; Libertarian Teddy Fleck, 184 votes; CST candidate James C. Rensing, 101 votes; and eight write-ins.

For secretary of state, Democrat Robin Carnahan won over Scott County voters with 9,892 votes. Republican Mitch Hubbard followed with 7,255 votes while Libertarian Wes Upchurch had 239 votes, CST candidate Denise C. Neely had 129 votes, and there were nine write-ins.

Republican Brad Lager received the county's popular vote in the race for state treasurer with 9,683 votes followed by Democrat Clint Zweifel, 7,110 votes; CST candidate Rodney D. Farthing, 290 votes; and 15 write-in votes.

In the race for attorney general, Republican Mike Gibbons received 8,969 votes while Democrat Chris Koster nabbed 8,199 votes. There were 13 write-ins.

Republican Jo Ann Emerson garnered the most Scott County votes -- 12,801 -- in her bid to serve another term as U.S. representative for the Eighth District. Also receiving votes were Democrat Joe Allen, 4,670; Libertarian Branden C. McCullough, 267; CST candidate Richard L. Smith, 77; and seven write-in votes.

For state senator of the 27th District, voters liked Jason Crowell with 10,304 ballots cast in his favor. Democrat Linda Sanders received 6,842 votes; and there were 10 write-ins.

Running unopposed were 160th District State Rep. Ellen Brandom, 11,209 votes; and 161st District State Rep. Steve Hodges, 3,285 votes.

In Scott County, 15,137 yes votes and 1,591 no votes were cast for Constitutional Amendment No. 1. Voters also favored Amendment No. 4 with 8,296 voting yes and 7,566 voting no.

The following votes were received for Proposition A: 9,406 no votes and 7,522 yes votes; Proposition B: 11,941 yes votes and 4,734 no votes; and Proposition C: 9,482 yes votes and 6,743 no votes.

Voters also favored retaining the Missouri Supreme Court Judge Patricia Breckenridge with 11,466 yes votes to 3,771 no votes; Missouri Court of Appeal Southern District Judge Gary Lynch with 11,218 yes votes and 3,941 no votes; and Daniel E. Scott with 11,188 yes votes to 3,840 no votes.

These results, which were provided by Scott County clerk's office, are unofficial.