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SpeakOut 11-07

Friday, November 7, 2008

You - raise me up

I would like to know why Congress and the Senate can raise their salaries so much every year and can set their own price on salary raises? Medicare patients and people that are handicapped and whatever they are drawing and living on, they get a little bit of a raise. By the time they get the raise, there insurance goes up, their rent goes up, everything goes up and they are getting less than they did to begin with. Why don't they let us set our salary increase, what our cost of living is for a change? If they can give themselves such big raises, we ought to be able to have a little bit more on our raises.

Doggie round-up

I'm calling about the dogs in Charleston. I want to know where's the dog catcher? I get up every morning and exercise and I usually see six or seven dogs running in groups. I'm afraid I'm going to get mauled or eaten to death. I want to know where is the dog catcher? You're getting paid by the city and you are collecting money that you're not earning. You need to start collecting these stray dogs before someone gets eaten alive. Please, do your job.

Peaceful turn over

Mike, you recently wrote that an Obama presidency would lead to confiscation of wealth. Will those who confiscate it allow the rich to turn over their money peacefully or will they assume there will be resistance and take it by armed force?

Chip off the old block

Calm down David not Dave Jenkins. Your rant in which you responded to a SpeakOut critic reminded me of a younger and, at the time, even angrier Mike Jensen.

Change is coming

Could it be possible for you to change the featured article arrangement on the home page? It has been the same since forever. I'm sure there are other things that could be featured besides those two items.

Thank you for your suggestion. It has been changed.

Something Moore

When does the city plan on doing something about the south end of Moore Avenue? It's a total shamble and has been for years. I was talking about the street itself, it is terrible.

The P & Z Commission conducted their annual driving tour of city streets on Nov. 5. They will then convene at City Hall to discuss next summers street program. This will result in a recommendation of projects to the City Council. City staff has identified the reconstruction of the south end of Moore Avenue as a high priority project and it will be presented to the P & Z. Citizens interested in providing comments are encouraged to attend the meeting that will begin at 4 p.m. in the City Council chambers.

Which came first

Which was there first, your house or the train tracks?

No mistakes

God made a man and a woman. He did not mess up my making gay people. You did make the choice to be gay. God does not make mistakes.