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SpeakOut 11-09

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Children before animals

There's something that bothers me, I see it on TV all the time. The Animal Planet is nothing but dogs and cats, animals that are hurt. They are constantly begging for money, take care of your animals. What about our children that need help? These dogs and cats don't have a soul. Now if you love your animal that is fine, but don't try to stuff it on me. I'm not paying to take care of an animal because I don't have to, but I will help take care of a child. That is more important than anything else. God created children and He created dogs and cats for people to enjoy them - I don't and I don't want one. If you've got one take care of your own. Don't put it on TV and say help these poor animals. I say help the poor children. That's what God wants you to do.

Bags and belts

Someone was asking where to get bags and belts for Oreck sweepers. You can buy them at G.A.'s Home Furnishing in Charleston.

Thanks for the coverage

I want to send a thank you out to Chris Pobst and David Jenkins for the coverage of the Dexter Varsity Volleyball team. It was great! I am a parent of one of the girls on the team. I appreciate the fact that Mr. Jenkins took pics of the different girls and not just one or two. And articles Mr. Pobst wrote always tried to mention all the girls on the team that played. I greatly appreciated that. I hope that they will continue their coverage of the girls next year during the volleyball season. Thank you again! Dana Curtis (Elisha Flanigan - No. 10 on the Dexter Volleyball Varsity Team)

Bid for care

In your Oct. 29 edition, the front page story was about the County getting bids for inmate health care. They went on and on about the services but they never said how much per month that service cost. I would be interested to know what the County is paying for health care for their inmates on a monthly basis.

The bidding process is asking for prices. We will know the price once the contract is awarded since this is public record.

Here's your ribbon

I was a red ribbon winner at Southeast Elementary School. My teacher is Ms. Kelso, Sandy Kelso.

A real queen

How sad! It's too bad some sort of compromise could not have been worked out. The Delta Queen is another bit of beautiful history gone because of the lack of interest. It would have made at least a beautiful moored tourist attraction for some needy community.