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Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016

SpeakOut 11-12

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Working for a living

What you be talkin 'bout? People like you would die - literally, if all of us hard working citizens would quit making your living. The only thing I am getting ready for is to work harder to give you a raise! I prepare to get up at 4 a.m. instead of 5 a.m. and work two additional hours each evening in order to pay more taxes so you can get a 'tax refund' on taxes you never paid in the first place! Definition: refund, return of money, reimbursement. Instead of a tax refund it should be referred to as "The Welfare System for Non-Productive Americans." Each time you see a rich, snobby person you should simply say thank you. It makes me furious for people like you to go off on someone with money only because you wish you were in a better financial position, but aren't willing to bust your butt to get it - easier to take from others. You somehow feel like a new man in the White House would be of great benefit to you. Maybe all of us snobby, hard working, productive citizens should just stop working and paying taxes and let all of the parasites die off!

Dynamite Dawgs

Just wanted to say how proud everybody is of our Sikeston Football Bulldogs. You all played with a lot of heart. Sikeston could not be prouder of the way you guys played (JV and Varsity). Thanks to the coaching staff for all that you do and thanks to the Dawgs for giving us great games to come and watch. Keep up the good work and can't wait to come out and watch you next year!

Soccer soap opera

This is for all of those parents whining about what division their child's team is playing in. Rule of thumb has generally been if a town only has one team playing, then that team should be placed in the A Division. Some tournaments do not always abide by that, but Sikeston has always been one of the better places to do it that way. Shouldn't your only team be considered your BEST team? The only way I would put a town with only one team in the B Division would be if I knew for a fact the soccer program was fairly new in that area or perhaps had seen them play in an earlier tournament and knew that is where they needed to be.

Sticky situation

I want to speakout about Mississippi County. I live on 535th Road in East Prairie. The county put a very thin layer of oil on the road. Can you believe they didn't even fill up the big potholes? They can waste more money than any county I know. They didn't fill up the potholes before. They put down pea gravel and not enough oil to even stick it together. When a car passes the rocks fly up - they break your windshield. What a waste of time and money!

Works hard for the money

I'd like to make a comment about the teacher having the Democratic sign in her classroom. First of all, I believe the teacher has a right to her opinion, as do all Americans. And also I believe that instead of complaining about the sign, they should quit complaining because that teacher works hard for a living. She teaches kids everyday and that's a hard job. The Kindergarten Center is a great school. I support Jenny Hobeck and her staff 100 percent. Both my children go there and I believe it's a great school with great teachers doing great stuff.

Let's talk

Yeah the elections are over! Now can people please talk about something else for a change.