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SpeakOut 11-13

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Hauling cotton

I was coming along the Interstate headed for Sikeston. A big cotton truck run a stop sign coming from Morehouse headed like towards Canalou. I mean he didn't let up, he just plowed through that stop sign. If there had been a car coming through there, there would have been no way he wouldn't have hit him. They need to have a state patrol to sit out there and watch that place. I'm telling you there's no wonder there's so many wrecks and people getting killed. It's from stupid people!

Leonna gets an A

I want to commend you on the excellent work of your reporter, Leonna Heuring (with one small exception). Please tell her the caption should have read: Scott Mainord, local Farm Bureau Insurance Agent checks in. . . Keep up the good work, Scott.

Hay, you

I'm going to need a couple of bales of straw pretty soon. I just wondered if anyone had some they'd like to sale where I could buy a couple of them. If you put your number in SpeakOut I will call you.

Shame, shame

For the first time in my adult life, I am NOT proud to be an American.

It is done

All things come to us from God. President Barack Hussein Obama. God's will is done.

Clean up is coming

First of all I would like to congratulate Obama and also Nixon. I am so glad that the Democrats are finally getting in there. They are going to clean house and do something for the people that used to be middle class but now are poor.

Unequal justice

I am a homeowner in Sikeston and I am tried of the unequal justice in this town. If you live on the wrong side of town, there is no justice. When you call the police, it takes them at least 30 minutes to arrive. When they finally arrive, they do nothing. Why are we paying for a police force if they are going to do nothing? The police force aren't the only Sikeston department that does nothing. The code enforcement department does nothing as well. I know of several code violations at the west end of Sikeston and nothing is ever done. This must end. Everyone deserves the same protection. As I titled my complaints, there is unequal justice in Sikeston.

Not the same

Every Republican in Sikeston has stated their opinion about Obama. He's not Muslim, his father is. Are you the same faith as your father? He is your president and it's time to respect him.

The red and the black

Some didn't like it but I loved the red and black frock worn by Michelle Obama on the night Barack was elected. In addition, I think that, color-wise, it was a tribute to the Sikeston Bulldogs.