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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

SpeakOut 11-14

Friday, November 14, 2008

Rush to judgment

Rush Limbaugh has said he will begin rebuilding the movement by calling out disloyal Republicans. Rush, my friend, in the words of Ronald Reagan, you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Everybody's talking

What ever came out of the Topix situation? Is there a petition? I am trying to tackle the same battle in our hometown. The mayor has even asked me for help in this matter.

Meat bawl

I was in one of the local stores today looking at some meat. There was some meat in there that had been reduced for quick sale. That was the awfullest looking stuff I ever seen in my life. I know people look for bargains, but to the butchers, please watch the meat and don't put out stuff that looks like it's been there for weeks and weeks. That meat looked like it was ready to rot! It was awful.

Ought a be a law

I am calling about the baggy pants comment. If it's not a law, it should be. Nobody wants to see other people's butts or anything else. It's not just one certain person or group. There's a lot of different people wearing baggy pants and showing everything.

How's that working for ya

In 1950, federal taxes for an average family of four was 2 percent of its earnings. Today it's 15 to 24 percent. In 1950 we had the strongest economy and military on earth. Then Democrats began their 60 year revolution telling us "raising taxes is the path to prosperity, equality, world peace and a booming economy!" How's that working out for us so far? Not to worry though, Obamaman is going to get even with all those evil corporations that supply everything you buy, by raising their taxes, so they'll have to raise prices on everything you buy with your measly one time $600 bribe for your vote. How long ya think that $600 gonna last with prices increasing 10 to 20 percent and more on everything you have to buy every week, after week, after week, after week? Well, Obamaman will fix 'em. He'll keep increasing regulations and restrictions on top of that, and keep raising taxes higher. That'll increase your retail prices even more. But, don't worry, he'll drive those evil bastards right out of business and into bankruptcy! What that'll do is tighten supply. Let's see now, how is it again that law of supply and demand works? Oh yeah, that's right, tighter supply produces higher demand. Higher demand, produces higher prices. He'll discover that ain't working out so well in bringing in enough money for all your "freebies" so he'll have to, dog gone it all, even though he promised he wouldn't, he'll have to raise taxes on you poor imps too. We have a national news media filled with high paid, talking head marxist educated economists, who somehow just couldn't break it down for us this simply. We couldn't get our only hope of suspending this doom a little longer to stand up to Obama and say it to his arrogant phony lying face. Ah yes, nothing but happy days ahead, now that we've got Democrats running all branches of government for us! You know what I call that? Sweeet....

Walker for a vet

I'm looking for a walker that's got a seat on it for a World War II veteran. If you have one, leave a number where I can get a hold of you.