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Your View: Worst is coming

Monday, November 17, 2008

"Free lunch" strategies like Obama's have a history of self-destructing. Our recent economic collapse was but a small example of what awaits America if he continues down his imaginary road of 'change' filled with false promises. Those false and unsustainable images created in the minds of clueless voters by Obama and the DNC dream factory is as much of a fantasy as those produced in Hollywood. In fact a lot of Obama's campaign visions and images were created with the assistance of professional Hollywood image makers. The Obama dream deception is based only in a small part on real needs. The greatest part of Obama's allure was built on covetous desires titillated by 'fantasy and myth'. The recent collapse of the stock market, AIG, Mortgage bankers, etc. was just a mini foreshadowing of things to come in a much larger and more expansive measure. Obama's fluff, just like the stock market is based on, and is at the mercy of 'the tides of faith in collective make-believe.' Depressions come about when there is 'a loss of collective belief in the economic myth; and in Obama's case, the economic myth is coupled to, and dependent on, the 'messiah' myth. When time comes for cashing in on the empty promises and an empty vault is found, there will be a true cultural and economic meltdown with violent calamity like nothing ever seen before in this nation. Conservative Republicans and conservative Christians of course will be the targets of blame, shame, derision and hate, just as they are now. And, just like in Hitler's Germany all 'good' citizens will want to be national loyalists to Obama at the helm. They will have not the strength of moral conviction to accept any responsibility for being willing dupes. They will follow the directions of the iron grip Obama control freak with his 'Wizard of Oz' image shaping and 'evil Republican' destroying media. It will seem a patriotic duty to those 'religious' loyal Obama followers to rid our nation of trouble causing Christian, Republican misfits. Tie a knot and hang on folks we ain't seen nothin' yet.

John McMillen
Sikeston, MO