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SpeakOut 11-17

Monday, November 17, 2008

Only nice things

Topix- what an UGLY, UGLY site! I don't think you should be able to get on and write down a person's name and just say nothing but horrible things. It's one thing to get online and ask a simple question or say something nice about someone, but to be able to write nasty remarks about someone is not right. Freedom of speech is one thing, but this is another. I think some type of filter should be put on that does not allow more than half the items on Topix.

Bargain prices

Let the lady know she is getting a bargain on her gas. It is still OVER $3 in Illinois but we drive 13 miles to Wisconsin and pay $2.55. May be less now, as that was last week. Grass always greener but turns brown again eventually. Obama will change all that I am sure (kidding of course).

Where's Steve

Dear editor, I used to know a Robert Steven Veal, he went by Steve. It has been over 22 years since I last had contact with him. My sister found this story on Google. I am trying to find out if this is the same person I knew and if you can help me. The Steve I knew was stationed at Ft. Hood, Texas, between 1983 and 1986 as far as I know. He was definitely there in '85 and '86. If you can help me find out I thank you in advance. Ruth

Come on down

Dear Nosey, If you want to join us that are smoking in the little mall, please join us. We don't mind. We are equal opportunists.

Refusing help

Now that Barack Obama is our president elect, I hope that all of the Christians that called him Muslim and antichrist, whenever you get your tax breaks, your raises or your better health benefits, your medicines cheaper, I hope you refuse them. You should refuse them because you were not for this man. We put up with eight years, or longer, with a man that did nothing for us. Now we've got a man in that will do something for us. And Mike, thanks for all your help too.

The dirtier, the better

I am with you 100 percent on the pickings on TV in this warped generation. Of course the previous generation is the reason this generation is screwed up. Not enough backbone to teach values at home or anywhere else. Seems the dirtier the language the better they like it. I know my parents are rolling in their grave at what the young people think is normal talk today. Bring out the bar soap and use it liberally on the powers that allow such filth to enter homes. Yes, they claim that is depriving them freedom of speech. We have always had freedom of speech but had enough morals to not use potty mouth, in public at least. Reading has become our entertainment of choice and I appreciate reading your column each day. Keep it coming as it may not change the world but it hits a home run once in awhile.

The revolving door

I noticed the article about drug arrests in Stoddard County. I cannot help but remember about three years ago. A couple I know were on probation for drugs in Stoddard County when they were arrested for endangerment of an 8-year-old through huffing on the probation office parking lot. They did a few months, and rather than revoke probation, they were put on probation again - for the third time. Now they were just off probation and arrested again for burglary. And once again, probation. Don't these crimes deserve time in jail? The record of the couple I mention is available on Case Net, provided by the State Court System in Missouri. This sounds like a revolving door - fine a little and then probation for whatever you want to do.