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SpeakOut 11-19

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

No mistakes

I agree with the caller who said God does not mess up. That's why He chose Barack.

Keeps on rocking

Please tell me what does a person need to do in the city of Miner to keep the music in a bar at a lower level of sound? Numerous people are being affected by this every weekend and the problem remains a problem. We ourselves have adapted in our own way of putting up with this. We turn on two TVs loud as possible and you can still hear the sound vibrations. So we stay up till the noise (music) stops around 1:30 a.m. Saturday and Sundays every weekend. Can anything be done? Does anyone have a suggestion to help this problem? Help! All we want is less noise so we and others can sleep.

Take pride and take care

This is to No vacancy. I don't think you were paying attention to what you were saying when you called SpeakOut about empty lots and Taco Bell's empty lot and another place building on it and the places in town where they are building behind their stores. You didn't make any sense about why not take up an empty lot somewhere else. Why would you build somewhere else and leave an eyesore? Why not build on your own property and tear down the other place to make it a better piece of property? There are so many businesses in this town that don't even take care of the front of their premises and sidewalks. Why would you not take care of your property? At least the business that is building the new store does take care of its property and the surrounding properties around it. Take pride and take care of your property. Don't leave an empty building.

Sending smoke signals

I'm calling about the person who called in about the people smoking. If I was driving to work everyday, I think I would be paying attention to the road instead of watching people smoke. There is an ashtray in the mini-mall, there are ashtrays all down the mini-mall. They are probably smoking before they go to work.

Mexican Medicare

I want to speak out about a letter I got today about senior citizens and Congress. I think this is the time when senior citizens need to stand up and let themselves be known. This is a time we better do it. This letter almost says that if we don't get things straightened up our Medicare will be handled by the Mexicans. That's about as low as the United States can get as to let people how handle our Social Security that our old Americans have fought for. They send all the jobs to China and Mexico and now are wanting to send our Social Security to be handled down there. They have already taken $2.3 trillion from our Social Security. That should be paid back. If they can get $700 million to bail out these people that just wanted to live high, they can pay our $2.3 trillion debt that they owe the senior citizens. Then they wouldn't be always saying that Social Security was going broke. They took money under Social Security from everything but the groundhogs. Please, all senior citizens, sign your petition and send it back. God bless America.