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Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2016

Sports desk gets odd with no games

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Okay, with a few slow, dreary weeks at the sports desk, I'm going to clue you in on things you may want to know as the Christmas season comes into play. We've been randomly blabbing about a little bit of everything at the SD, and Tuesday evening's conversation just topped it off.

As I'm sitting, beating my head on my desk to come up with a column idea, the fellas just laid one out in plain sight for me, and it's in the spirit of the holidays if you're considering gaming systems for your kids. I, for one, would like a Wii if anybody wants to donate one, but this is something to consider when purchasing your little rugrats' Christmas gift.

First off, we were talking about Sikeston politics pretty heavily and then came a complete 180 right into video games, in particular Madden 2009 and NCAA Football 2009. Inside information here, these can be played on XBOX 360 or PS2 or PS3 or PSP for mothers that are sorting through the items on the wish list. The guys were talking about all video game systems, but that's beyond the point, the good part of the story is coming shortly.

So, the conversation first began with a real life question about whether or not we could question a coach about his play calling in a particular situation and whether or not that was too editorial (judgmental on our part) to run in the paper. The answer was to not call out a coach if we wanted to ever get a good interview ever again, but the real treat came next.

This is the point in the conversation when Bain steered the conversation out the door with a video game question about what defense the guys run in certain situations. Okay, so we went from politics straight into football defenses. Random, but it keeps getting better.

"That triple develops too slow sometimes when the blitz is on. Sometimes I switch the side that the play is running to, even on pass plays, because I'm worried about which side the nickel is lining up on. I flip the nickel in the package or the one corner is left alone."

That was Bain's next statement, and he's standing up doing coaching motions.

Pobst chimes in on the motions as he says, "Whoop, the running back is gone."

Don't go with the speed option, that will get your quarterback killed... according to Jenks. If you go with the other option play, I can't remember what they called it, the extra blocker 'keeps your quarterback from getting waylaid.'

At this point we've established that you always blitz unless it's a 3rd down and 20 yards to go situation. Bain mixes up the inside and the outside. On a 2nd down and 10 yards to go situation when the offense is showing pass, he then blitzes on the inside with the Thunder Green. However, this is mainly on NCAA Football 2009 if you're taking notes.

I chime in...

"Well, I just bring up my DB (defensive back) and blitz right up the middle with the swim move."

Die-hard gamers everywhere probably just gasped.

Bain starts doing the swim move. Probably one of the funniest things I've seen in a while, aside from Pobst's 'whoop' sound and move combo talking about his running back stated earlier.

Once I started talking about the DB move and the middle blitz, they decided they'd love to play me in a game anytime I'm willing to lose.

Jenks will bust out a 'hot route' on me, as he's showing me with his quarterback arm motion.

"I'll throw to that guy wide open every time," he said.

They went from annihilating me on Madden to talking about their 'juke moves.'

"Ooooh, I love the spin," said Pobst. He said that you can double-spin on the new college game and "hit it twice and go," followed by a sweeesh sound.

Bain has started 'juking' now after figuring out that he was hitting the wrong button and throwing a lateral pass to nobody.

We have an established XBOX 360 football coaching staff, of course minus me, because I would be an awful defensive coordinator. But, if we start playing Tiger Woods golf, I'm in. I put up crazy numbers on the video game course, like a few 70-under par tournament victories. Incredibly impossible to actually do in real life, but, don't test me with a controller in hand. It's the only game I'm good at though, unlike everybody else in the office whom we've now drawn the conclusion are experienced gamers across the board.

This is what happens with a slow week. Bring on basketball, please, and hurry. We're running out of options. We concluded the night with car bailouts and a comparison between the words playoffs and pension. Don't ask.

I'll see you next week, hopefully with something along the lines of actual sports.