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SpeakOut 11-20

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The boy in white

We just heard on the news that they are still fuming at Campbell about that little boy that had on the white costume. I agree with the mother, not everybody has got money that they can go out and buy these fancy costumes. She had to make her son's. Why don't they just let it be and drop it? Not everybody has money to buy McCain and Palin costumes like some of them did.

Don't watch

This is in response to the article in SpeakOut, Children before animals. If you don't like to see them begging for food and donations for animals on Animal Planet, why watch it? Other channels are begging for everything else for the kids. We don't have children, we have three dogs and a cat. They protect our house from kids that are raised up by families like probably you who don't take care of their kids and don't have no soul. Don't say my animals don't have souls - they have heart and soul. They take car of us and are our pride and joy.

Equal time

Isn't it funny when your kids grow up they think their in-laws are more important than their own family? They should give each one equal time.

Long live the Queen

It is really too bad that the Delta Queen will be no more. I shipped out on the Delta Queen in San Francisco which was a ferry boat that went from Treasure Island to the troop transport in 1945. After the war, the Delta Queen was boarded up and brought through Panama Canal into the Mississippi River where it has gone for years up and down the Mississippi and Ohio. I had tears in my eyes when I saw the Delta Queen pull up at Kentucky Lake years ago. Too bad. A gone era.

Home of Neal Boyd

I don't know if this has been suggested or not, but in my heart and mind to really give this gentleman credit due, I think that our exits off I-55 and all, there should be a great big sign that reads Home of America's Got Talent winner, Neal E. Boyd. I think he's due that. Every time he came up to the microphone, he gave his hometown Sikeston, Mo. credit over worldwide TV. He mentioned our name, why can't we mention his by our town?

Sale and resale

Isn't it against the law for people who run businesses to go to town and buy products from other stores and sell them in their stores for a higher price?

Against what law?

To serve or not to serve

I would like to reply about the good china for people in the nursing home. Maybe they had a water heater go out or something go wrong. We would rather serve in plastic dishes than have diseases or something spread around.