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SpeakOut 11-21

Friday, November 21, 2008

Worry about abuse

The only thing I can think and wonder about is how can society stand to see an animal abused and worry about it. When a child has been beaten or abused, they see nothing wrong with it. That's okay. There comes a greater judgment than this earth's judgment.

More from Morley

We were wondering what Morley is going to do with their half-cent sales tax. We haven't seen any improvements on the streets for the last several years. What are they going to do with it? Are they just gonna keep it for salary raises for their employees?

Autumn leaves are falling

I was wondering if the city was going to pick up leaves this fall and if so, when.

The city has been split into four sections: Northwest, Southwest, Northeast and Southeast with Main and Malone serving as the dividing lines. Leaves will be collected in the Northwest and Southwest Section Nov. 17-21 and Dec. 1-12; leaves will be collected in the Northeast and Southeast Section Nov. 24-26 and Dec. 15-23.

Show Me the results

Missouri is, or was when I submitted this comment, considered "undecided" in the presidential race. If the race was still not already decided, we could have been Florida 2000, and all eyes would have been focused on the Show Me State as we became the state that would decide the outcome! Some analysts might have come to the conclusion that SpeakOut comments made the difference in Missouri and that they were responsible for McCain or Obama winning. Dang!

A Titan fan

You would think with the Rams and Chiefs doing so terrible that KFVS12 and Fox would actually carry some decent games around here like the Titans. I believe that there are plenty of Titans fans around here, or there are now because of their record, and that their games need to be televised. I say no to any more games involving teams that are down 40 to nothing at half time.

Looking for scenes

I'd like to know if anybody knows where you can get the animals and all the things for the nativity scenes? I looked at Wal-Mart the last two years. They didn't have them last Christmas or this one. I just wondered if anyone knew where I could get them for my nativity scene.

Rover ran over

This is to the person in a gray Blazer that ran over a dog out here on Highway 61. I know why you didn't stop. If it had been your kid or your dog you would have stopped. We do not appreciate you running over him, but that's okay. We won't get you, but God will. Have a nice day.

Veteran appreciation

We're celebrating Veteran's Day. While we're celebrating it I think a bunch of them need to stop and think about the way they voted. We had a veteran that served in the war and was a prisoner for five years. Instead of that, they voted for someone who had never been a veteran, never fit for his country or nothing. I don't think they should get out and celebrate Veteran's Day if they don't appreciate a veteran any better than that.