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Monday, Aug. 29, 2016

SpeakOut 11-23

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Spending union dues

To all the elected officials who I may or may not have voted for but who is supposed to work for ME and not you money givers. I strongly object to my tax dollars being used to bail out the auto builder for their retirement benefits which they granted without any objection. I am a retired person and no one helps me. The auto unions have the best benefits, salaries and medical benefits of anyone in industry. Their medical benefits are paid in full and now they want us with only Medicare to keep that benefit up. Next year they will want an increase. We know why the Democrats want to bail them out is they supported the Democrats and gave big money to them in the election in return for Obama loosening the registration restrictions. That is partly responsible for the big problem. Why do they not push for union members to be able to decide where their union dues is spent. Please vote against this problem. Let them go bankrupt and then re-negotiate the contracts.


The election may be over but the Obama revolution is not. It must be continually and publicly perpetuated if it is to succeed.

Not about free speech

In response to the teacher having the Democratic sign in her classroom. First of all, I believe the teacher has a right to her opinion, as do all Americans. You damned mind-numbed Obamanites really tick me off. It's not about "free speech" when you bring your one sided "Obamamania" brain washing Obama signs into any public school classroom. That teacher's paycheck comes from taxpayers, the majority of which are "Republican taxpayers." Out of all Scott County voting precincts all except for the Sikeston West End and Haywood City voted 64 percent to 75 percent for John McCain and Sarah Palin - you can look it up. And we do not want our tax funded employees teaching, preaching and campaigning against our candidates and what we stand for. If it was reversed you damn Democrats would be yelling racism and discrimination and raising holy hell! Keep your damn brain washing signs on your own damn property, if you own any. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it till you turn blue!

Speaks English

I enjoyed Mike Jensen's column on language immensely. I am also encouraged by the fact that we've elected a president who can speak English.

Prejudice is dying out

No Democrat for president has carried a majority of the white vote since LBJ. However, we're making progress. Obama won a majority of the white youth vote. White racial prejudice is dying out at the same time the percentage of white voting continues to drop when compared to other racial and/or ethnic groups.