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SpeakOut 12-3

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What about our loss

Everybody is carrying on on the news about $100 million tool bag that a space walker lost. Nobody seems to care about the trillion dollars we lost to the bankers.

More than wrong

I find it amusing and actually quite pathetic that John McMillan is still writing his letters to the editor. Mr. McMillan was wrong about George Bush being the best thing that could happen to this country. John was more than wrong, actually. He was disastrously incorrect. And what does John McMillan say now? That we're in for an economic meltdown with Obama. Wake up, Mr. McMillan. The meltdown has already happened with your beloved radical Republicans and George Bush at the helm At. least Mr. Obama is gathering around him reasonable Republicans, Democrats and intellectuals from the private sector, so the most capable in our country can try and figure a way out of this mess. And why on earth would you bring Christianity into this, John? I have no doubt that God does not want sniveling little whiners like you hiding behind his robes, invoking His name, after you and your bunch have brought this country and the world to its knees. You and you kind owe all of us an apology, Mr. McMillan, not more letters and your pseudo intellectual dribble.

You better recognize

In the Nov. 19 SpeakOut, someone said that God did not mess up, that's why Obama was elected. I would most fervently disagree! Since we as a nation have withdrawn from God and thrown Him out of our homes, schools, workplaces and just about everywhere else, we created the problem. Now we will pay with it for the rest of our lives. Neither candidate was that great, but McCain was the lesser of the two evils, that's why he won in Missouri. Unfortunately the nation was fooled and believed the rhetoric. May God have mercy on us one and all. In my humble opinion, in January, when Mr. Bush leaves office, I will have no president - the country may. I will not recognize Obama as president of anything. Sorry if you're offended, but that's how I honestly feel.

Early swearing

Before this country goes over a cliff, we've got to figure out a way to swear in Barack early.

Illegal leaves

Leaves that are determined to have illegally entered (blown or otherwise) one or another of Sikeston's leaf zones will not be picked up.

Electing a hero

I doubt if the person complaining about not electing a war veteran for president did not voice the same view when the failed candidate was Vietnam War hero, John Kerry.