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SpeakOut 12-5

Friday, December 5, 2008

Shut up and listen

In regards to the bar in Miner and the loud sound every weekend, I have dealt with that for 20 years. They sit on commercial property, not residential property. I have fought the City Council over it. There's nothing you can do. Either get your ear plugs or stay up late every weekend.


I'm calling about prescription pain medicine addiction. I have a good friend who is very badly addicted to pain medication. Recently he found strength to finally go to treatment at a local treatment facility. When he got there, they told him they had no room for him to stay. They did offer to let him detox for 72 hours. After that he had to go home untreated. They said the reason was that they were absolutely full of court-ordered patients and had a waiting list if he wanted to wait until they had room for him. My problem with this is that the government spends millions of dollars a year on this war on drugs, but they don't have but a couple of in-patient facilities locally to help the people who actually want and need help. This is a big problem. He needs attention.

Small town support

This is for all you shoppers out there, especially those in the small communities of Charleston and East Prairie. I understand that you have to go to Cape or Sikeston to buy clothes or shoes, unless you shop Alco, Fred's, Dollar Store or second-hand stores. I also understand shopping at Wal-Mart for groceries to a point because sometimes our local grocers don't carry what we need or use. But, you have plenty of places to shop for gifts right here in our communities. You have the Ivy Villa, Terri K's Heartland Florist and Gifts, Charleston Flower Shop, Boomland, Bear Creek and the pharmacy in Charleston. You also have Beauton's Drug, the Petal Shoppe Florist and Gift, Main Street Pharmacy and the East Prairie Flower Shop that all carry great selections of gift items. A lot of them are not pricey. Everyone worries about the economy and the small or little businesses closing their doors. They don't want to see Charleston or East Prairie's downtown area look like a ghost town, but yet they feel the need to go elsewhere to shop for little things. Big companies hurt little people in business. Shop your own downtown first. Give little spaces and small businesses a chance to fill your wants and needs and then travel elsewhere if necessary to do do. Keep your dollars in your community, Maybe then your community could grow ever more and with money coming in it could possibly expand what your smaller stores carry.

Bail out

There's some lady wanting a bail-out for her kids, versus dogs. Let's bail her out at about 50,000 feet with no parachute.

If you love them

I'm tired of people complaining that their dogs are being hit by a car or they are being poisoned. If you love your animal as much as you claim you do, keep them in your yard. We don't need them crapping in our yards. We don't have animals because we don't like the crap. So keep your animals in your yard if we love them and you won't have anything to complain about.

Audit oversight?

In the Sikeston paper I have yet to see anything about the Mississippi County audit. It seems as though in the Mississippi County audit, there were several people mentioned, officeholders, that everything wasn't exactly kosher. I don't see where Scott Welton, the reporter, has reported anything about the Mississippi County audit. Scott, is that an oversight of yours or is it something else?

We just this week received the official audit and reported the findings earlier this week.

Two heroes

This is to the person who said that we should have voted for McCain because he was a prisoner of war. Let me tell you something, John Kerry was a decorated soldier and I bet you didn't vote for him and he was a lot better person than McCain. The reason he was a prisoner of war was because he wasn't smart enough to stay out of harm's way.

Lay off abortion

If you religious people would lay off abortion and think about people starving in America, soldiers dying in Iraq, the economy like it is, all you people think about is abortion. Y'all will never win another election because that dog don't hunt no more. They need change.


I don't understand what's going on. There have been all these cars just booming up and down the road over here on the west end of town. It's morning, evening and night. And way up in the night, all night long. It's constant like we don't have even have a noise ordinance law. Why can they get by with this? I know there are signs posted on my street. What's going on, Sikeston?

Cycled where

Would someone please check out where our newspaper recycle goes after we take it to Sonny's to be recycled?

According to a spokesperson from Sonny's, they give it to the Dexter Sheltered Workshop.

More efficient

My take on the whole Obama-mania government take over fiasco is: "Nothing is less productive than to make more efficient what should not be done at all."

Pardon me

I publicly appeal to President Bush to issue a blanket pardon to all past, present and future contributors to SpeakOut. Because he has been laid off by GM, I beg president Bush to pardon Tiger Woods.