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Tuesday, Aug. 30, 2016

SpeakOut 12-7

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Gotta be a way

It would be unprecedented but because of the dire straits we're in there's got to be some legal way Barack can take over now.

Fashion statement

I love the way Michelle Obama looks and dresses but I love even more reading critical comments from SpeakOut callers who are obviously seething with envy and jealousy.

Heaven or hell

State governors and state legislators ought to adopt a secessionist attitude toward Washington D.C. when the new administration starts spitting out mandated policies demanding more taxation on their constituents. They were not elected by local constituents to be lackeys of an Obamamania federal bureaucracy. What has always made any 'state' a hell on earth has been precisely that men who think like Obama have tried through flawed vision to make it an earthly heaven.

Ups and downs

For the last two years, we have heard "change, change, change." Now we know what change is. The Chicago Mafia moving into Washington. I predict that this will be the most partisan and corrupt administration in history. We are getting the same old Clintonites that were in Washington in the 1990s. Who took the credit for economic upturn which was really created by the Republicans taking over the House of Representatives and cut government spending? This was the group who rented out the White House sleeping rooms and pardoned drug dealers, Puerto Rican killers and a girlfriend's husband. How can the unions stand for anyone who pardoned Mark Rich? Did you notice Obama's first press conference? The stock market started down the moment he went up the steps and kept going down all the time he was talking. When he left, the market started back up. Maybe this is change. Part of his inner circle were responsible for the financial melt down.

Proud of Missouri

Mike, I just want to say that I am proud of the voters of Missouri that rejected the Obama, Communist, Socialist ideas and his regime. Now we need to focus on the elections coming up in two years and we need to get rid of Claire McCaskill. She does not stand for Missouri values. She stands for Ted Kennedy, John Kennedy, Chuck Schumer and Obama values. Let's find a candidate now and get ready to put her out of office so she can't go along with Barack Obama and his plan to ruin America.

No place like hum

I'm just curious. How does a person get three hummingbirds to come into their home?

It's policy

I also attended Charleston High School. Way back years ago when George Wallace was running, we wore a hat to campaign for him and the teachers made us take our hats off then too. I don't know if it's Charleston School's policy or all schools policies.